DWI Breath & Blood Tests

Defense of Drunk Driving Charges in Texas

Breath tests and blood alcohol tests are commonly used to determine if an individual is driving while intoxicated. At the law office of Shook & Gunter, we are Dallas DWI attorneys who are familiar with ways in which to challenge the results of these tests. We are former prosecutors who understand both sides of a DWI case. We will use our knowledge and experience to help you seek the most favorable results possible in your case.

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Challenging Common DWI Tests

Breath tests — It is important to determine if the results of a breath test are accurate. Errors in calibration or errors during the administration of a breath test can yield inaccurate results. Additionally, other factors may cause the results of a breath test to be inaccurate.

Blood alcohol tests — A blood test is generally the most accurate way to test blood alcohol. However, this test is not fool-proof. There may be options available to challenge the results of your test, especially if there is a discrepancy in analytics.

Did you take a field sobriety test during your traffic stop? Learn about ways in which we can help you challenge the results of these tests.

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