Dallas Activist Arrested For Criminal Trespass By DART Police

avis_adelman_2-10-16_mugshotThe criminal trespass arrest of Avi Adelman by DART police brings up some interesting issues for the prosecution. Adelman is a long-time community activist and citizen journalist. He was in downtown Dallas at around 7:30 pm and was taking photographs in the public area of a man being treated by Dallas Fire/Rescue paramedics.

As Adelman was photographing the scene, a DART officer told him to stop taking photos and gave him various reasons for doing so. She first told him this was a private matter and then informed him that he couldn’t photograph medical procedures. After the arrest, DART issued a statement explaining they arrested Adelman because the paramedics at the scene told DART officers Adelman was interfering with their treatment.

A spokesman for the Dallas Fire and Rescue released a statement a few days later that none of the paramedics asked officers to have Adelman removed. This fact could cause the DART officer and the criminal case serious problems. If the DART officer put false statements that paramedics asked her to remove Adelman from the scene into her report, she may have committed the criminal offense of Tampering With a Government Record. She would at the very least ruin her credibility as a witness. The statements made by the officer in her report will be critical.

Another problem for the prosecution in this case is the fact that Adelman photographed the entire event. These photos will show whether Adelman was interfering in any way and whether the officer had conversations with the paramedics about Adelman.

Texas Criminal trespass charges are usually brought against individuals who have caused continuous problems for businesses like shoplifters or people who hang out in apartment complexes they don’t reside in. These arrest usually don’t involve reporters or photographers. The arrest of reporters usually don’t play well with the public and Adelman, like most reporters, isn’t going to lay down. He will fight back and things could get ugly.

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