Assaults Against Security Guards Can Enhance Punishment

Texas has seen a rise in arrest for charges of assaults against Security Guards. In recent years the Texas Legislature gave persons who worked a security officers special status in the penal code.  As a result what would normally be considered a misdemeanor assault is enhanced to a felony assault if the alleged victim is a Security Officer as defined in the Texas Penal Code in Section 22.01. Under the law a security officer is defined as :” a commissioned security officer as defined by Section 1702.002, Occupations Code, or a noncommissioned security officer registered under Section 1702.221, Occupations Code.”

The assault must also occur when the security guard is preforming their duties. A security guard doesn’t get special protection under the law just because they are wearing their uniform.

Assaulting a Security Officer charges are very serious. Under the law a misdemeanor assault is enhanced to a third degree felony. The penalty range is from 2 years to 10 years in prison. If you are charged with assaulting a security guard you will need to hire a Dallas Assault attorney who has experience is defending this type of case. A conviction will have life changing consequences. An arrest doesn’t mean conviction. Speak to a top Dallas criminal lawyer as soon as your released from jail.

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