Bond Hearing Set for Tonya Couch

This Monday Tonya Couch and her attorneys will have an opportunity to try and have a judge lower her one million dollar bond. [...]

Is A Refusal to Take a Polygraph Test Admissible In Texas?

Polygraph tests often take place when a criminal case is under investigation. The police often request a suspect to submit to a polygraph [...]

Tonya Couch May Have a Defense to Hindering Apprehension

Tonya Couch is now back on US soil and will soon be headed to Tarrant County to face the felony charge of Hindering [...]

When Can the Police Ask to See An Open Carry License in Texas?

The Texas Open Carry law goes into effect January 1, 2016 and it will be interesting to see how law enforcement handles encounters [...]

Bandidos Found Not Guilty In Stabbing Case

A former Bandidos Motorcycle Club president was found not guilty by an Abilene jury for the felony offense of Aggravated Assault. Jack Lewis was [...]

Judge Denies Paxton’s Motions to Dismiss

A judge denied defense motions to toss out the three indictments in Attorney General Ken Paxton's case. Paxton's defense team has 30 days [...]

Texas Investigates Teacher Misconduct and Improper Relationship Cases

Texas lawmakers will be addressing the issue of the rise of Improper Relationship cases between teachers and students in Texas. There has been [...]

Jury Rejects Fort Worth Man’s Self-Defense Claim

This week a Tarrant County jury rejected Johnny Patton's self defense claims and found him guilty of the murder of Richard Slatkin and [...]

Robbery vs Aggravated Robbery In Texas

The Dallas Police are investigating a series of 5 robberies that occurred  on the Katy Trail last week. The robberies are suspected of being [...]

Lubbock Murder For Hire Trial To Begin Monday

Jury selection in a murder for hire capital murder case continued in Lubbock Texas. Dr Thomas Dixon is accused of hiring David Shepard [...]