Dallas Man Arrested for Aggravated Assault in Dart Train Shooting

A 22 year old Dallas man was arrested on two charges of Aggravated Assault. Police allege that Patrick Klaypenh was riding a Dart train Friday night and got into an altercation with a man who boarded the train. Witnesses said the two men appeared to know each other and began to argue. Klaypenh produced a handgun and fired several shots striking the man involved in the argument and a by stander. One man was has been released from the hospital and another remains being treated for his wounds.

Police continue their investigation and no doubt are trying to obtain some type of statement from the suspect. Law enforcement always attempts to get some type of statement to help implicate a defendant. The objective is to at least get the suspect to put themselves at the scene or identify themselves as the person involved. A defendant might tell the police that they acted in self defense, it was an accident or another person committed the offense but this makes no difference to law enforcement as long as the person puts themselves at the scene. Prosecutors will try to use eye witness testimony or video tape to refute the defense at trial. This is why is so important for anyone accused of a crime or under investigation to consult with an experienced criminal attorney.

In Texas Aggravated Assault charges are very serious and can carry up to 20 years in prison. If the defendant has prior felony convictions then the penalty range can be enhanced. There are many defense to an aggravated assault charge but a Texas criminal lawyer  is the best person to advise a defendant of their rights and legal defenses.

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