Jerry Gielsler Great Criminal Lawyer

One of the greatest criminal lawyers of this past century was Jerry Giesler. Gielsler began to practice law in Las Angeles in 1910 under the guidance of the great Earl Rogers. After Rogers died Giesler opened a practice on his own and quickly became the most sought after criminal lawyer in California. Over his career Gielsler defended folks like Charlie Chaplin, Errol Flynn, Robert Mitchum and BugsyJerry Giesler Siegel.

Like all good criminal lawyers Gielsler believed preparation of the law and facts were the key to winning a case. He believed the criminal lawyer should know the case so well that he could try the case better then the prosecutor. Giesler would spend hours studying crime scene photos and rehearsing in court demonstrations.

Giesler believed cross-examinations should be done in  a courteous manner. Juries appreciate it and even the most hostile witness will sometimes go out of their way to be helpful when treated well by the cross-examiner. Gielsler also believed a lawyer should only cross- examine a witness if their answers will aid his case, other wise refrain from asking questions.

In regard to jurors Giesler preferred women on his panels. He found them more attentive than men and they base their findings on the facts. The only time Giesler did not want women jurors was when he represented a female defendant. Especially if the female defendant was attractive.

To learn more about Jerry Giesler order his auto biography The Jerry Giesler Story. It is a very interesting read and can make you a better criminal lawyer.


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