Adrian Peterson and Texas Child Abuse Law

The Adrian Peterson indictment for the felony charge on Injury to a Child illustrates how emotional the public can be for such a charge. Society has natural desires to protect children and the very accusation causes strong reactions from the public. The challenge for a criminal attorney is to fight off the legal accusation but the strong emotional reaction which influences the public, police and prosecutors.

At trial a Texas Child Abuse Attorney must try to eliminate as many jurors as possible who legally can not be fair to the defendant. This can only be done by an experienced Texas Child Abuse Attorney who knows the law and knows how to get jurors to answer honestly and in such a way that will disqualify them as a juror. The attorney must also have the skill to educate the remaining jurors to the defense theory and develop a the theme for the trial.

The fact that you have been arrested for the felony offense of Injury to a Child does not mean you will be convicted. There are many legal defenses to this accusation. At the first sign of a criminal accusation the accused should seek the advice of an experienced Texas Child Abuse attorney .


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