Credit Card Abuse

Credit card abuse in Texas is a serious crime that covers a wide range of fraudulent activities involving credit and debit cards. If […]

Aggravated Assault of a Police Officer

Aggravated Assault of a Police Officer Aggravated Assault of a police officer is a serious criminal charge in Texas, carrying severe penalties.  Aggravated […]

Scottie Scheffler Assault of a Police Officer

The Scottie Scheffler Assault of a Police officer serves as a great example of how a person can find themselves charged with a […]

Texas Felon Gun Possession

 Texas Felon Gun Possession is third degree felony that has a penalty range of two to ten years in prison and a fine […]

Texas Car Theft

 Texas Car Theft is a serious crime that can lead to significant legal consequences. In the penal code Texas Car Theft is called […]

Texas Extortion Law

Texas extortion law, prohibit a person from obtaining property or services from others through coercion or threats. In Texas, extortion is typically covered […]

Rashee Rice Criminal Case

The Rashee Rice criminal case involving hit-and-run and aggravated assault charges has brought attention to criminal cases involving car wrecks. Anytime professional or […]

Best Dallas Criminal Lawyers

  What makes the best Dallas criminal lawyers?  D magazine comes out with a list of best Dallas lawyers and the best Dallas […]

What are the Defenses to Hit and Run Charges

 What are the defenses to hit and run charges in Texas. That is the question anyone ask that is charged with hit and […]

Texas Hit-And -Run

In Texas, leaving the scene of an accident, commonly referred to as a hit-and-run, is a serious offense. The penalties for leaving the […]

Is Voyeurism a Crime in Texas

Is Voyeurism a crime in Texas? Yes, it is. Under Texas law voyeurism becomes a crime when a person secretly observes or spies […]

Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault of Adults in Texas

In Texas, the statute of limitations for rape, also known as sexual assault, varies depending on the severity of the offense and the […]

Extortion Law in Texas

Extortion law in Texas is a serious criminal offense that involves coercing someone into giving up money, property, or services through threats, intimidation, […]

Indecency With a Child By Exposure Texas Law

In Texas, indecency with a child by exposure is a serious criminal offense outlined in Chapter 21 of the Texas Penal Code. This […]

Texas Sudden Passion Defense

Texas Sudden Passion defense is a trial strategy that can be used in the punishment stage of a trial in a murder case.  […]

Lawyer Richard Hibey Known for Representing High Profile Cases Clients.

Lawyer Richard Hibey known for representing high profile clients and controversial cases died February 19, 2024. Hibey represented ousted Philippines ruler Ferdinand Marcos […]

Texas Class C Assault Charge

A Texas Class C Assault charge is an assault that does not include pain or injury. Since it is a Class C charge […]

Texas Felony Driving While Intoxicated Arrest

Texas Felony Driving While Intoxicated arrest is a serious crime which can have a tremendous impact on a person’s life. In Texas you […]

Texas Stalking Law

Texas Stalking Law is a felony that involves harassing or following someone repeatedly, in a way that causes them emotional distress or fear […]

Texas Indecent Assault

 TEXAS INDECENT ASSAULT LAW The Texas Indecent assault Law is a serious criminal offense that can result in significant consequences for the accused, […]

How Does the Statute of Limitations Work

How does the statute of limitations work in Texas law? Most people have heard about the statute of limitations in criminal cases. How […]

The Texas Accomplice Law

The Texas Accomplice law can have serious consequences. I recently answered the question, ” When can I be charged as an accomplice?” I […]

When Can A Person Be Charged As An Accomplice

When can a person be charged as an accomplice? In Texas, a person can be arrested and charged as an accomplice if they […]

Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution

In Texas, the crime of hindering apprehension or prosecution, also known as hindering prosecution, is defined as intentionally obstructing, impeding, or preventing the […]

Texas Abandoning or Endangering a Child

In Texas abandoning or endangering a child charge is a felony offense.  Texas abandoning or endangering a child is committed when a person […]

How To Bond Out of Jail in Texas

How to bond out of jail in Texas. That is the first goal a person faces when they have been arrested. When a […]

Texas Probation Revocation Motion

A Texas probation revocation motion is a very serious problem for anyone who is on probation in Texas. Thousands of Texans are placed […]

Texas Mutual Combat Defense

The Texas mutual combat defense is a legal defense that can be used in cases involving physical altercations between two or more individuals. It […]

Texas Solicitation of Prostitution

In Texas, solicitation of prostitution is a crime. The Texas solicitation of prostitution law is defined as intentionally offering or agreeing to pay […]

What Are Drug Free Zones in Texas Law?

In Texas, “drug free zones” refer to areas around certain locations, such as schools and parks, where drug offenses are subject to enhanced […]

Tampering with Evidence in Texas

In Texas, a person can be charged with Tampering with Evidence if they intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly alter, destroy, or conceal any record, […]

Reckless Driving Criminal Charge in Texas

A Reckless Driving Criminal Charge in Texas is a misdemeanor crime. A reckless driving charge is  punishable by  a fine up to $200 […]

Resisting Arrest in Texas

Resisting arrest is a serious crime in Texas. Since the crime occurs when a person is actively resisting physical control by a police […]

Public Lewdness Crimes In Texas

In Texas, public lewdness is a crime that involves engaging in sexual activity or exposing one’s genitals in a public place where others […]

Texas Criminal Immunity

Texas criminal immunity laws can be very beneficial to a criminal defendant. Texas has very specific types of immunity which grant is statutory […]

Should I take a Police Polygraph Test?

Should I take a police polygraph test? This is a question a person ask when they are under investigation by the police. Some […]

Collin County Assault Defense

If you are arrested in Collin County for Assault it is important to begin preparing your defense right away. Collin County law enforcement […]

Permanent Protective Orders in Domestic Violence Cases

Permanent Protective Orders in domestic violence cases occur when the victim in a domestic violence assault wants to go forward with a protective […]

Domestic Violence Protective Order

A Domestic Violence Protective Order can occur when a citizen is arrested for a domestic violence assault. In Texas when a person is […]

Consent Key to Defense to Sex Assault Charges

Consent is often the key to the defense in sex assault charges in Texas. This issue comes up most often in “date rape” […]

Defenses to Aggravated Assault Charges

There are many defenses to Texas aggravated assault charges under Texas law. A defense lawyer can defend these charges by contesting intent, injuries, […]

How to Prepare a Self Defense Case for a Murder or Assault Charge

When a criminal lawyer is going to present a self defense case in a murder or assault case preparation is essential to a […]

Assault by Choking is a Felony in Texas

Assault by choking is a felony in Texas. If the police are called to a home and they believe there is any evidence […]

Dallas Murder Cases Reach 200 for 2020

Dallas murder cases reached 200 cases for 2020 and many of the suspects arrested remain in jail on high bonds. The record setting […]

Dallas Aggravated Assault Charges

Dallas Aggravated Assault charges are on the increase in 2020. The felony offense of Aggravated Assault carries an penalty range from 2 to […]

Texas Self Defense Laws Will Be The Key To The Defense In The Austin Protester Shooting

The Texas Self Defense laws will be the key to the defense in the recent controversial shooting of Austin protester Garrett Foster by […]

Texas Riot Charges

Texas Riot charges are rarely brought by Texas law enforcement. Due to arrest made in protest over George Floyd’s death Dallas Police have […]

Can I Use Self Defense to Protect My Property

The issue of using self defense comes up in assault, aggravated assault, and murder cases quite often. Texas, along with all other states, […]

Texas Child Abuse Cases On the Increase

Due to the recent shelter at home orders Texas Child Abuse cases are on the increase according to hospital officials. A Texas hospital […]

Intoxication Assault Conditions of Probation

Driving While Intoxicated is a serious charge. Injuring someone while driving while intoxicated is an even more serious charge. Intoxication Assault conditions of […]

Josh Hamilton Indicted for Injury to a Child

Retired Texas Ranger baseball player Josh Hamilton was recently indicted for the felony offense Injury to a Child. The arrest affidavit alleges that […]

Abbott’s Executive Order Blocks Release of Inmates on PR Bonds

Governor Abbott issued an executive order Sunday which will have tremendous consequences for person’s charged with pending violent felonies or have been convicted […]

What To Do When You Are Arrested For Domestic Violence

If you are arrested for a domestic violence charge here is a short list of things you do immediately. Hire a criminal attorney […]

Dallas Domestic Violence Arrest Increase

Dallas domestic violence cases have been on the increase according to news reports. Since more people are stuck in their homes due to […]

Governor’s Disaster Declaration Increases Punishment Range for Some Texas Crimes

Governor Abbott declared a state of disaster for Texas because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Most people don’t realize that when the Governor of […]

When Should I Talk to the Police?

People who are under criminal investigation always ask, ” When should I talk to the police?” People have a natural inclination to want […]

Reasonable Suspicion for Detention. Three Facts to Consider

We often hear the term Probable Cause in criminal law. Police officers must have probable cause to make an arrest or to have […]

Focus Groups in Criminal Trials

Planning a viable defense in a criminal case can be a daunting task. A criminal defense attorney can plan his or her defense […]

Brass Knuckles Legal In Texas

As of September 1, 2019 the possession of brass knuckles will be legal in Texas. Under current law the possession of brass knuckles […]

Indecent Assault Charge May Be Used to Reduce Felony Sex Charges

Indecent Assault charges may be used to reduce felony sex charges in Texas. Starting in September of 2021 law enforcement agencies across Texas […]

Increased Penalties for Groping in Texas

Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill Friday that increases the penalty for Groping to jail time up to one year and a fine […]

Street Racing Penalties in Texas

Street racing penalties in Texas are serious. As long as there have been cars there have been people who like to race each […]

When can a Search Warrant be Sealed?

When can a search warrant be sealed? In most cases in Texas the Affidavit for a search warrant is public information. The affidavit […]

Dallas Dentist Murder Case

Brenda Delgado‘s capital murder trial is set to begin next week. Delgado was arrested in Mexico for the murder of Dallas Dentist Kendra […]

When Can I Carry a Gun in Texas

People often ask “When can I carry a gun in Texas. The question of when a person can lawfully carry a firearm in […]

Can I be arrested for dwi/dui if I wasn’t driving?

“Can I be arrested for dwi/dui if I wasn’t driving? That is a question many people ask who were in the car when […]

Do the Police Always Have to Read Me My 5th Amendment Rights Before They Ask Questions?

New clients often ask this question. ” Does a police officer always have to read the Miranda Rights to you before he can […]

Robbery or Burglary: What’s the Difference?

Ordinary citizens often confuse the words robbery and burglary when describing a personal experience they have had as a victim of a crime. […]

Engaging in Organized Crime Parole Consequences

A conviction for engaging in organized crime has severe consequences. The Texas Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity statute, better known as Engaging in […]

Change of Venue in Texas

Extensive prejudicial pretrial publicity can can create tremendous problems for a defendant to get a fair trial. One tool the courts use to […]

Charges Upgraded to Aggravated Assault in Deep Ellum Case

The Dallas Police upgraded criminal charges against Austin Shuffield to Aggravated Assault. Under Texas law a person can commit Aggravated Assault by using […]

What Happens If A Person Lies To A Police Officer During An Investigation?

Recent developments in the Jessie Smollett attack have suggested the victim may have fabricated the story of the assault. If that turns out […]

Should I Talk To The Police?

Should I talk to the police? That’s the first question a citizen who has come under police suspicion has for the criminal defense […]

Three Ways You can be Charged With Deadly Conduct

The criminal charge of Deadly Conduct can be filed as a misdemeanor or a felony under Texas law. The misdemeanor penalty range is […]

Shoplifting Can Become a Robbery

Shoplifting  can become  a robbery in Texas very quickly. The bad news is a robbery charge in Texas is a felony. How does this […]

Kevin Spacey Sex Assault Allegations Offer Valuable Lessons Defending Sex Assault Cases

The story of Kevin Spacey’s Sex Assault allegation offers several lessons that can be useful in any case dealing with sexual assault allegations. […]

Security Guards in Dallas Nightclub Shooting Likely to Claim Self Defense

In the early morning hours of New Years Day two security guards were arrested and charged with murder for the shooting death of […]

Dallas Domestic Violence Choking Cases On The Rise

The Dallas Police and other local law enforcement agencies have increased their arrest and prosecution of felony family violence cases involving the choking […]

Cowboys Wilson cleared in Frisco road rage case

Cowboys Wilson cleared in Frisco road rage case Fox4 News, October 11, 2017 Dallas Cowboys linebacker Damien Wilson was cleared of all charges […]

Trove of Unseen Documents Reveal How Jack Ruby Got the Death Penalty

Dallas Observer, September 29, 2017 When now Dallas County District Judge Brandon Birmingham started working in the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office’s cold […]

Arlington jailers get probation in inmate death case Staff, July 11 2017 ARLINGTON, Texas – The two former Arlington Police Department jailers who accepted a plea deal for the 2015 […]

Grand jury to hear case of DPD officers who shot pregnant mom

June 20, 2017 Fox4News DALLAS – A Dallas County grand jury will hear an officer-involved shooting where a 21-year old pregnant mother was […]

Attorney For Officer Shooter’s Son Wants His Client Released

June 9, 2016 10:20 PM No-bill decision, followed by re-file of charges – now questions of civil rights violations FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – […]

Calls for Balch Springs officer to be arrested unlikely to be met, experts say Staff – May 4, 2017 A rising chorus of voices is calling for fired Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver to be […]

Moving Ken Paxton’s trials away from friendly turf a rare outcome seen in few famous cases

Dallas Morning News, April 1, 2017 AUSTIN — It’s rare for a judge in Texas to move a criminal trial, and even less […]

Dallas basketball player’s killer arrested for sexual assault

April 3, 2017, by Fox4News A former basketball player at Dallas Madison High School who was charged with murder in 2014 is now […]

Police arrest boyfriend of missing college student after discovering human remains

LynnAnne Nguyen,, Feb 4, 2017 The boyfriend of missing college student Zuzu Verk has been arrested, one day after police say they found […]

Jury deliberates in trial of former Garland officer

Rebecca Lopez, WFAA, December 16, 2016 Defense attorneys shouted at prosecutors during closing arguments as emotions ran high in the trial of Garland […]

Dallas Murder Cases On the Rise

Murder cases in Dallas are on the rise this year. This trend has occurred in many major cities across the United States. The […]

History made with new Dallas County DA appointment (News8)

Lauren Zakalik, WFAA “And I thought God, I can do this, and I can serve Dallas County in a magnificent way,” says Faith […]

Flag burning case began with incident during Republican Convention in Dallas

James Rose, FOX4News The court case that wound up protecting the right to burn an American began with an incident in Dallas during […]

Former Ellis County fireman avoids jail in sex assault of colleague; deal called ‘terrible message’

Naheed Rajwani, Staff writer / Dallas Morning News / November 10, 2016 A former Ellis County fireman pleaded guilty Thursday to his role […]

Court documents: Dentist murder mastermind had drug cartel ties (Fox4 News)

James Rose October 7, 2016 DALLAS, Texas – Court documents say a woman accused of ordering a hit on a Dallas dentist […]

Judge to sentence Christina Morris’ kidnapper; jury dismissed (Fox4 News)

Natalie Solis reports / By: Staff McKINNEY, Texas – The man convicted of kidnapping Christina Morris two year ago will be sentenced by […]

Cullen Davis Murder Trial Teaches Lessons

Cullen Davis gave an interview to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently. This was one of the most infamous murder trials in Texas history and a criminal […]

Four things to do if there is a warrant for your arrest

You just learned a warrant has been issued for your arrest. Now what do you do? Here are four things you should do when […]

Can You Shoot A Person in the Back?

Can you shoot a person in the back and still claim self defense? A recent shooting involving a Dallas man in a Waffle […]

Five Ways a Criminal Case Can Be Disposed

Once a citizens has been arrested and the case filed with the District Attorney’s Office, there five ways the case can be disposed.

Do Police Need a Search Warrant To Track Cell Phones?

For the first time a Federal Judge has ruled that law enforcement is required to obtain a search warrant before they  can use technology […]

Dallas Aggravated Assault Cases On The Rise: Three Reasons Why

Dallas Aggravated Assault cases are on the rise. The summer seems to bring a higher number of violent crimes and this year is […]

Arrested for DWI in Texas: Three Things You Must Do

Once you get over the shock of being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated, you will need to start preparing for your defense. Here […]

Jail House Snitches: Five Ways To Destroy Their Credibility

Jail House Snitches are often used as witnesses by the prosecution in criminal trials. These types of witnesses are very dangerous to the […]

How difficult is it to get a ‘change of venue’ in Texas?

Any time a client’s case has been featured in the news media, the client will ask if we should seek a change of […]

Texas leads the nation in Teacher-Student sexual assaults

A recent survey shows Texas leads the nation in the number of Teacher-Student sexual assault cases. In 2014, there were 116 accusations and convictions. […]

BIll Cosby Rape Trial: Four Key Points

A judge has ruled the the sex assault case against Bill Cosby will mover forward. A trial date will eventually be set and […]

Great Criminal Lawyer Edward Bennett Williams

Good criminal defense attorneys always find ways to improve their skills. One way of doing that is by reading and studying great criminal […]

Can Manziel Win at Trial? Five Ways the Defense Will Attack The Credibility of the Accuser

Johnny Manziel made an appearance in a Dallas courtroom today in order to hear Judge Rob Canas review his bond conditions. Manziel was […]

Frisco Teacher Pleads Guilty to Improper Student Relationship

A Frisco teacher plead guilty to the felony offense of Improper Relationship with Student and received 10 years deferred probation. The teacher , […]

Dallas Criminal Lawyers Use Grand Jury Packets To Stop Prosecutions

Many times the a Dallas criminal defense attorney can stop a criminal prosecution at the grand jury. Every District Attorney’s Office has different policies, but […]

Attorney draws parallel between Midlothian murder, Eric Williams case

Tanya Eiserer, WFAA, April 22, 2016 Why did the person suspected of killing of gym instructor Missy Bevers dress in police tactical gear […]

Jury Gives Bernie 99 Years In Murder Case

Late Friday night an East Texas jury sentenced Bernie Tiede to 99 years in prison for the murder of Marjorie Nugent. The case […]

Bernie Punshment Trial Continues

The state has rested its case in the punishment trial of Bernie Tiede’s. Tiede’s criminal defense attorneys have begun presenting their defense case and hope […]

Garland Hit and Run Case Investigated

Garland Police are investigating hit and run accident that resulted in the death of a 51 year old man. Gary Nawrocki was walking in […]

Dallas Woman Arrested on Capital Murder Charge in Mexico

Mexican authorities arrested Dallas murder fugitive Brenda Delgado Friday evening. Delgado was wanted on a capital murder warrant for the murder of dentist […]

Bernie Murder Trial Begins This Week

The murder trial for Bernie Tiede begins this week in Rusk County. In this trial the sole issue for the jury to consider […]

Mesquite Robbery Leads to Arrest of Five Suspects

Mesquite Police arrested five suspects in an armed robbery of a 7-Eleven store early Sunday morning. According to police, three suspects armed with […]

Goals of Jury Selection

It has been said many times that jury selection is the most important part of a criminal jury trial. If you don’t wind […]

Farmers Branch Officer Arrested for Murder

Earlier this week Farmers Branch police officer Kim Johnson was arrested for the felony charges of murder and aggravated assault. Sunday evening Johnson […]

Use Of Jail House Informants Could Be Investigated

Jailhouse informants have always been a part of the criminal justice system, usually a very seedy part. Recent events in Orange County, California serve as […]

Cost of prosecuting Attorney General Ken Paxton too steep for Collin County officials

Lauren McGaughy / Austin Bureau / Dallas Morning News Published: 10 March 2016 AUSTIN — Collin County officials continue to balk at the […]

22 Pounds of Meth Found During Traffic Stop

Two men, Ramiro Sanchez and Michael Manriquez, were arrested by Balch Springs police this past Monday for the felony offense of manufacturing an […]

Why Is the Manziel Case Being Referred to the Grand Jury?

The Dallas Police Department has referred the Johnny Manziel assault case investigation to the Dallas County Grand Jury. This is an interesting development because […]

Manziel Could Face Assault Charges

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Police Department could file assault charges against Cleveland Browns quarterback and former Aggie Johnny Manziel next […]

Dallas Activist Arrested For Criminal Trespass By DART Police

The criminal trespass arrest of Avi Adelman by DART police brings up some interesting issues for the prosecution. Adelman is a long-time community […]

Dallas DWI Arrests Will Soon Increase

The Dallas Police Department announced it has increased its DWI Task Force to 18 officers. In recent years the task force had been […]

Dallas Man Found Not Guilty of Theft of Daughter’s Cellphone

A Dallas man was found Not Guilty of committing the offense of theft yesterday in a Dallas Courtroom. Ronald Jackson had discovered his 12 […]

Will “Making a Murderer” Help the Defense in Jury Selection?

The Netflix documentary Making a Murderer has created quite a stir since it’s release this past December. The series tells the story of […]

Bond Hearing Set for Tonya Couch

This Monday Tonya Couch and her attorneys will have an opportunity to try and have a judge lower her one million dollar bond. […]

Is A Refusal to Take a Polygraph Test Admissible In Texas?

Polygraph tests often take place when a criminal case is under investigation. The police often request a suspect to submit to a polygraph […]

Tonya Couch May Have a Defense to Hindering Apprehension

Tonya Couch is now back on US soil and will soon be headed to Tarrant County to face the felony charge of Hindering […]

When Can the Police Ask to See An Open Carry License in Texas?

The Texas Open Carry law goes into effect January 1, 2016 and it will be interesting to see how law enforcement handles encounters […]

Bandidos Found Not Guilty In Stabbing Case

A former Bandidos Motorcycle Club president was found not guilty by an Abilene jury for the felony offense of Aggravated Assault. Jack Lewis was […]

Judge Denies Paxton’s Motions to Dismiss

A judge denied defense motions to toss out the three indictments in Attorney General Ken Paxton’s case. Paxton’s defense team has 30 days […]

Texas Investigates Teacher Misconduct and Improper Relationship Cases

Texas lawmakers will be addressing the issue of the rise of Improper Relationship cases between teachers and students in Texas. There has been […]

Jury Rejects Fort Worth Man’s Self-Defense Claim

This week a Tarrant County jury rejected Johnny Patton’s self defense claims and found him guilty of the murder of Richard Slatkin and […]

Robbery vs Aggravated Robbery In Texas

The Dallas Police are investigating a series of 5 robberies that occurred  on the Katy Trail last week. The robberies are suspected of being […]

Lubbock Murder For Hire Trial To Begin Monday

Jury selection in a murder for hire capital murder case continued in Lubbock Texas. Dr Thomas Dixon is accused of hiring David Shepard […]

Can the Police Make an Arrest for a Traffic Offense and Then Search Your Car?

Law enforcement officers often find incriminating evidence in individuals vehicles that have been pulled over and arrested for minor traffic violations. One Texas […]

Police Arrest Two in Williamson County for Over 90 Pounds of Pot

A Williamson County Sheriffs deputy’s arrested Jose Olguin and Madelena Flores for felony offenses of possession of 91 pounds of marijuana and possession […]

Arlington Man Arrested in Two Aggravated Assault Charges

The Arlington Police have arrested Marvin Rodriguez and charged with Aggravated Assault Threatening with a Deadly Weapon and Aggravated Assault causing Serious Bodily […]

Tips on Explaining the Defendant’s Story in A Self-Defense Case

In order to get the issue of self-defense in a Texas murder case the defendant must almost always testify at his or her […]

Four Types of Cases That a Judge Can’t Assess Deferred Probation in Texas

In the great majority of criminal cases a Texas Judge can place a defendant on deferred probation.  However there are certain felonies in […]

Dallas Aggravated Assault Charges Filed in Shooting

A Dallas man was arrested for Aggravated Assault for shooting another man after an argument in the parking lot of Dallas bar. Employees […]

McKinney Wedding Planner Arrested for Felony Theft

A McKinney wedding planner, Tina Pope, has been arrested for third degree felony charges of theft. Police allege that Pope took money from […]

What is a Conviction For Immigration Purposes?

Texas is a state in which many illegal immigrants reside. When an illegal immigrant is arrested for a criminal charge the criminal defense […]

Richardson Teacher Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison For Having Sex with Teen

A former Richardson teacher was sentenced to 12 year sin prison in a Collin County courtroom today. Roger Kessler had plead guilty to […]

Dallas Man Arrested for Retaliation Shooting

Dallas police arrested Michael Scott for aggravated assault for shooting another man. Officers believe the motive for the shooting was retaliation. The victim […]

Two Suspects Released in Dallas Capital Murder Case

Two men that had been charged by the Dallas Police with Capital Murder have been released because police have determined that one suspect was […]

Fort Worth Bar Shooting Investigated

Ft Worth police are investigating a shooting at a bar. When they arrived they failed to find a shooting victim. A man was […]

Traffic Stop Leads to Drug Arrest

Police arrested a man in Ft. Bend County for felony possession of marijuana after he was pulled over for a traffic stop. Sheriff Deputies […]

Dallas Aggravated Assault Charges Brought Against Doctor

A Dallas Doctor has been indicted on five times for of Aggravated Assault and one indictment for Injury to an Elderly person.  Dr. Christopher Duntsch […]

Dallas Man Arrested Shooting 12 Year Old Boy

Dallas man Aaron Mitchell told a DMN reporter that he wasn’t at the scene of a shooting involving a 12 year old boy […]

Juror Misconduct With Smart Phone Could Cause Mistrial

The Neulander murder case in Syracuse New York is a perfect example of the danger of jurors using their smart phones to get […]

Dying Declarations In Texas Murder Cases

A murder case in Pennsylvania focuses on an interesting hearsay exception that sometimes comes up in murder cases. The exception is called a “Dying Declaration“. […]

Dallas Criminal Negligent Homicide Charges Referred to Grand Jury

Dallas Police will refer Criminal Negligent Homicide charges to a Grand Jury in a case in which a Dallas driver ran over a […]

Former Cowboy Arrested on Grapevine Rape Charge

Former Dallas Cowboy CJ Spillman has been indicted for the felony offense of Sexual Assault. Texas Sexual Assault charges have a penalty range […]

Dallas Police To Conduct a No Refusal DWI Initiative For the July 4th Weekend

The Dallas Police Department will conduct a No Refusal DWI initiative this Independence weekend. What that means is the police will secure a […]

4 Laws That Require 10 year Sex Registration in Texas

Texas like most states requires Sex Offender registration for certain sex crimes. The Registration period may be for life or a 10 year […]

Dallas Rape Cases Expected to Increase

The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office believes it will be filing about 400 new rape charges in the coming year. The new charges […]

Texas Open Carry Law Bans Guns in 6 Places

The Open Carry law passed in Texas which means in January we will be dealing with new laws regarding a citizens right to […]

Endangering Child Charges Brought Against Cedar Hill Woman

A Cedar Hill woman was arrested Thursday after she left her 2 year old child in the backseat of a hot car. The […]

Dallas Man Arrested On Aggravated Assault Against A Police Officer

A Dallas man was arrested for shooting at a Dallas Police Officer early Sunday. Witnesses report that Juvenal Delbosque was attending a high […]

Defenses to Injury To a Child Charges: 4 Factors

The criminal offense of Injury to a Child is  a very serious charge in Texas which can effect a person’s freedom, custody of […]

Dallas Women May Face New Charges After Death Ruled Homicide

Two Dallas women, Denise Ross and Jimmy Clark, who were charged in February with the with Practicing Medicine Without a License could face […]

Dallas Man Arrested for Aggravated Assault in Dart Train Shooting

A 22 year old Dallas man was arrested on two charges of Aggravated Assault. Police allege that Patrick Klaypenh was riding a Dart […]

Dallas Family Charged With Engaging in Organized Crime

Dallas Police brought Engaging in Organized Crime charges against four family members this week. Police allege that family members participated in a forced […]

Dallas Federal Drug Conspiracy Charges Brought Against 16 Men

Federal authorities announced that sixteen people were arrested this past Wednesday on Federal Drug Conspiracy charges involving the distribution of cocaine and crack […]

Ft Worth Man Arrested on Drug Charges After 2 Hour Car Chase

A Ft. Worth man, Joe Ben Gonzales, was arrested by police after he led them on a two hour pursuit from Ft. Worth […]

Preparing for Protective Order Hearings in Texas Family Violence Cases: 4 Keys

Protective Order hearings in Texas Family Violence cases can be very important in a successful defense. In order to get the most value […]

Texas Protective Order Hearing in Family Violence Cases

An arrest for  Texas Family Violence assault is very serious business. A conviction for an assault will carry lifelong consequences that can effect […]

Dallas Man Arrested on Drug Charges Stemming From Traffic Stop

A Dallas man was arrested on numerous drugs and weapons charges this past Tuesday after Dallas Police officers stopped his vehicle and preformed […]

Mesquite Teacher Arrested for Improper Relationship With Student

For the third time this year law enforcement have arrested a Mesquite Independent School District Teacher with the felony charge of Improper Relationship […]

Dallas Domestic Violence Charges Require Confiscation of Guns

Dallas County has begun an aggressive program to seize guns from anyone convicted or placed on probation for of a Dallas domestic violence […]

Cross-examining Witnesses in Criminal Trials: 5 Rules

Cross-examination of the witnesses are the keys to a successful defense in a criminal trial. To conduct an effective cross-examination the criminal lawyer […]

Dallas Shoplifting Charges On the Rise

Dallas business owners have stepped up efforts to detect and arrest persons they believe have committed shoplifting. Shoplifting activity has been on the […]

Security Guard Assault Charges: 5 Keys To Defense

Assaults against Security Guards are third degree felonies in Texas. If the assault occurred against a Security Guard who was preforming their duties […]

Assaults Against Security Guards Can Enhance Punishment

Texas has seen a rise in arrest for charges of assaults against Security Guards. In recent years the Texas Legislature gave persons who worked a security officers special […]

Plano West Football Star Charged With Evading Arrest

Plano West football star Soso Jamabo was arrested for the felony offense of Evading Arrest in Kaufman County on Saturday night. Under Texas […]

Prolonged Traffic Stops Causes Suppression of Evidence

On Tuesday the Supreme Court made another important ruling on a search and seizure case involving prolonged traffic stops and canine searches. In […]

Criminal Jury Selection: 3 Types of Jurors To Avoid

A criminal lawyer must know which potential jurors who would do the most harm to his client. The number one goal a criminal […]

Dallas Drug Free Zone Designations Pose Problems

Drug Free Zones can be critical in Texas drug cases. These are called DFZ by law enforcement and prosecutors.The prosecution uses the finding of […]

Texas Organized Crime: Two Intents Must Be Proven

When proving a criminal case prosecutors usually have to prove “intent”. However when a prosecutors bring a case of Engaging in Organized Criminal […]

Texas Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity Used To Enhance Punishment

The Texas Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity is a powerful tool used by law enforcement and Texas prosecutors to enhance criminal charges. Generally […]

False Rape Accusation Demonstrates Need For Quick Response

Rolling Stone Magazine has retracted it’s November story about an alleged gang rape that occurred at a fraternity party at the University of […]

Dallas Doctor Shopping Charges On the Increase

Dallas, like all other cities in Texas, has seen an increase in Dallas Doctor Shopping Charges. The abuse of prescription drugs has greatly increased in recent years. In […]

Social Media Can Be Key in Defending a Criminal Case.

Everyday people use social media more and more. Everyone communicates by texting or other messaging systems. More and more people post their views […]

Should the Defense Make an Opening Statement In a Criminal Trial?

Opening statements are very important in Texas Criminal trials. Under Texas law the defense has a right to make an opening statement but […]

Robert Durst Arrest On Murder Charges Teaches 3 Lessons

The arrest of Robert Durst for a cold case murder in California reminds us of three valuable lessons. 1. Murder cases are always open. Like all […]

Getting Hired as A Criminal Attorney: The 3 A’s

I was talking an old veteran criminal attorney the other day about what were the most important factors a person considers when they are trying […]

Dallas Hit and Run Case Investigated

Dallas residents may have watched WFAA new story on a luxury car found abandoned on the North Dallas Toll road Saturday night. The […]

5 Areas To Cross-Examine On the HGN Test

Almost all police officers use the HGN test as part of their field sobriety test when investigating Dallas DUI charges. Like all field […]

Dallas Car Theft Ring Investigation Brings Numerous Charges

The recent news story of a car theft ring uncovered after a car chase and shooting of a suspect looks to be the […]

Three Factors in Inventory Searches During Book In

When a person is arrested and booked into jail law enforcement personal will search the arrested citizens personal effects during the book in […]

The Texas Emergency Doctrine for Seizure of Evidence: 4 Factors

Law enforcement officers will some times seize criminal evidence with out a warrant when they are in the course of their community care-taking […]

Murder Trial for Ex-Marine Accused of Killing Chris Kyle Begins

The capital Murder trial of Eddie Routh who is accused of murdering Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield began with opening statements yesterday. The […]

Dallas Man Claims Self Defense in Fatal Shooting

The case of a fatal shooting of an individual by a tow truck driver raises the issue of legal justification of deadly force when […]

Solicitation of Prostitution Charges Against Former SMU Law Dean

The Dallas Morning news recently published a story of the former SMU Law School Dean arrested for Solicitation of Prostitution. According to the […]

8 Factors To Determine If Consent To a Police Search is Valid

  What a person is being detained or in  police custody and the authorities obtain consent to search the following 8 factors will be […]

Was The Consent to Search Valid: 5 Points To Review

When a police officer arrest or detains a citizen they often request consent of the citizen to search their vehicle. This is warrantless […]

Texas Shoplifting Charges: The 3 Levels of Punishment

Texas shoplifting charges are covered under the Theft section of the Texas Penal Code. Texas shoplifting charges are usually misdemeanor offenses and can […]

Dallas Theft Case Delayed Years

Dallas residents may have read the story of a Dallas theft case that has been delayed for over six years. The case involved […]

Texas Criminal Trespass Law Has Serious Consequences

The Texas Criminal Trespass law is often used by apartment complex managers or retail store managers  in an attempt to keep individuals they have […]

Dallas DUI Breath Test Refusal: 3 Reasons To Refuse

Every time a Dallas Police officer makes an arrest for DUI he or she will request the suspect to submit to a breath […]

Dallas DA Dismisses Corruption Charges in Hutchins Mayor Case

Recent news reports revealed that the Dallas District Attorney’s Office dismissed criminal charges against 9 the Mayor of Hutchins and 8 other defendants who […]

Kaufman Murder Case Ends in Death Sentence

The Dallas Morning News recently printed a follow up article on the Kaufman Prosecutor Murder case which resulted in the conviction of Eric Williams. […]

Aggravated Robbery Charges Could Fall Under Organized Crime

Home invasion charges were filed against four individuals for Aggravated Robberies that occurred in Frisco, Allen, and Coppell. According to news reports  the […]

Dallas Assault Case Against Mayor Pro-Tem

  Dallas residents may have read about Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Adkins recent citation for Class C Assault. Dallas Police issues a […]

Dallas DUI Blood-Draw Cases

The Texas Court of Criminal appeals has ruled a Texas law that allowed the police to draw blood from a suspected drunk driver […]

Dallas Domestic Violence Charges Brought Against Officer

Dallas residents may have seen this recent story in the Dallas Observer regarding a Dallas Police Officer arrested for Felony Domestic Violence charges. […]

Three Examples of the Texas Mistake of Fact Defense

One of the defenses available in Texas criminal law is Mistake of Fact found in Section 8.02 of the Texas Penal Code. Mistake of fact […]

Break In Not Necessary For Arrest On Texas Burglary Charges

Texas Burglary charges are extremely serious and can have life long consequences. The individual facts of each case will determine how strong the […]

Dallas Murder Trial to Feature TV Show as Part of Defense

A Dallas Murder trial began Monday involving the beating death of a 72 year old woman. The case was featured in the A&E […]

4 Ways Circumstantial Evidence Can be Used in Texas Burglary Charges

Police often file Texas Burglary charges when they have only circumstantial evidence. In fact it is rare when the police actually arrest a […]

Texas Burglary Crimes: 3 Ways To Charge

Texas burglary crimes are extremely serious. If a house or building is involved then the penalty range can extend up to life in […]

4 Factors Used to Determine Release oF Informers Identity In Texs Criminal Cases

Criminal informants often become part of Texas criminal cases. This is especially true in drug dealing prosecutions. The police use confidential informants to […]

Getting Jurors To Give Honest Answers in Texas Criminal Trials: 6 Steps

To conduct a successful jury selection in a Texas criminal trial the criminal attorney must make the jurors feel that they can give […]

Texas Criminal Jury Selection: Experience Counts

In a criminal trial the most most important part of any trial is the jury selection. Jury selection is by far the most […]

Social Media Used As Criminal Evidence

Dallas Residents may have watched news reports about a man arrested after a standoff with Grand Prairie police officers. Police say Jose Silva […]

Adrian Peterson and Texas Child Abuse Law

The Adrian Peterson indictment for the felony charge on Injury to a Child illustrates how emotional the public can be for such a […]

5 Topics To Cross-Examine A Witness For Bias

One of the most effective ways to destroy a the credibility of a witness is to cross-examine a witness on statements or circumstance’s showing […]

Four Goals For Cross-Examination

Cross-examination is the most important tool a criminal attorney has in his arsenal. When preparing for trial an experienced criminal attorney should keep […]

Jake Erlich: Great Criminal Lawyer

I believe a criminal lawyer can always increase his or her skills by reading about the great criminal lawyers of the past. One […]

5 Ways To Defend Against Date Rape Charges

Texas Date Rape charges are very serious and can carry life changing consequences. If you are being investigated for Texas Date Rape charges […]

Texas Date Rape and Yes Means Yes Laws

Responding to increased scrutiny on college date rape allegations California Legislators passed a Yes Means Yes law this past week. The new law […]

South Texas Man Aquitted of Murder

The aquittal of a Southeast Texas man serves as an excellent example of the how a sympathetic defendant can effect a jury’s verdict. […]

Ponder Man Sentenced to Life In Prison

On Thursday Denton County jury sentenced a Ponder man to life in prison for plotting to have his wife murdered. The trial had lasted […]

Shooting to Scare and Not To Kill: Texas Self Defense

When using self-defense when defending as murder case the defendant must admit to  causing the act the ended the victims life. Usually that […]

Denton Murder Charge Brought 30 Years After Crime

Texas authorities filed an arrest warrant for a Minnesota man for a murder in a Denton hotel room that happened over 30 years […]

Texas Juvenile Must Stand Trial As Adult On Murder Charge

A Collin County judge ruled that teenager Adam Staup must stand trial as an adult on a murder charge. The case involves the […]

Who Has The Burden of Proof In Texas Self-Defense Cases

Texas self-defense law is some times called an ordinary defense as opposed to an affirmative defense. That is important because under Texas law […]

Two Ways To Prove Self-Defense Without The Defendant Testifying

Under Texas Self-Defense law the defendant must almost always testify at trial in order to get a self-defense instruction to a jury. At […]

3 Factors To Determine If a Communication Falls Under Texas Husband-Wife Privilege

Under Texas  Husband-Wife privilege certain communication are considered privileged and the state can be prevented from obtaining testimony regarding privileged matters. This rule […]

Dallas Evading Arrest Charges Brought Against Two Men

Dallas Police arrested two men after an hour long chase high that involved multiple police agencies and a helicopter. Texas Felony Evading Arrest […]

The Texas Husband-Wife Privilege In Criminal Cases: 5 Things You Need To Know

Prosecutors will some times subpoena an accused spouse to a criminal trial. In Texas there exist a Husband -Wife Privilege which may prevent […]

Dallas Teacher Accused Of Sexual Assault of Students

Dallas residents may have recently read of the arrest of a retired teacher for the felony offenses of Sexual Assault of a Child […]

Texas Prostitution Charges Brought Using Internet WebSites

Last month  an Austin attorney was arrested for Solicitation of Prostitution. The arrest warrant alleges that the defendant responded to an on-line ad […]

Dallas Domestic Violence Charges Targeted

A continuing series in the Dallas Morning News highlights Dallas Domestic violence cases. Domestic violence is a serious issue that has tragic effects on […]

Smelling Alcohol On Breath: 3 Areas To Cross-Examine

If a Texas police officer smells alcohol on a drivers breath then there is about a 95 per cent  chance the driver will […]

Search Warrants Required Before Police Can Search Cell Phone Contents

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police officers would be required to obtain a search warrant before searching the contents of the person’s cell […]

Defending Felony Assault Choking Charges: 4 Things To Do

Texas felony assault choking charges are very serious and steps should be taken to defend against the allegation immediately. These case often become […]

Dallas Felony Assault Choking Charges Frequently Sought

Felony Assault Choking charges are often filed when the police are called to answer a domestic violence report. In 2008 the Texas legislature changed the […]

Texas Intoxication Mansaughter Probation Requirements in the Josh Brent Case

Dallas Cowboy player Josh Brent was released from jail over the weekend and placed in a residential treatment facility for 45 days. Brent […]

4 Rules For Cross-Examining In Texas Criminal Cases

In any criminal trial it is essential that the criminal attorney be able to destroy the credibility of a witness if at all […]

Destroying The Credibility of a Witness In Texas: 5 Factors

In a criminal jury trial the credibility of the witnesses is the key to a guilty or not guilty verdict. If the credibility […]

Desoto Teacher Arrested For Sexaul Assault Of Students

A Desoto teacher was arrested on two different charges of sexual assault this past week. The teacher worked in the alternative school in […]

Study Proves Shooters Position Can’t Be Proven By Shell Casings

A study made by the experts at Force Science Institute has found that experts can not accurately determine the location of a shooter […]

College Rape Allegations On The Rise In Texas

Dallas residents may have read news stories in Time Magazine regarding the epidemic of rape allegations on college campuses. Here in Dallas their […]

Grand Jury Declines To Indict Dallas Murder Case

This week a Dallas County Grand Jury declined to indict two men for a murder that occurred in February. The defendants had been […]

Texas DUI and BUI Task Force Set For Memorial Day Weekend

Texas law enforcement agencies have announced task force crackdowns for DUI and BWI violators for Memorial Day weekend. All over the state police […]

5 Things To Ask Jurors About Reasonable Doubt

When selecting a jury in Texas the criminal lawyer must always ask jurors about reasonable doubt. Under Texas law the jury will not […]

Dallas DUI Arrest: 3 Field Sobriety Test

The Dallas Police Department has a DWI task force which targets suspected impaired drivers. When these officers pull over a driver they will […]

Dallas Organized Retail Theft Charges

Dallas Organized Retail Theft charges have increased in recent months. The Dallas Police Department has targeted this type of offense and is using […]

Texas Improper Photography Law

The Texas Improper Photography law has come under close scrutiny in recent months. Last fall an appeals court in San Antonio struck down […]

Preparing A Defendant To Testify In A Self-Defense Case: 4 Things That Must Happen

In every trial a criminal attorney must decide if he or she will call he defendant to testify. If the criminal attorney is […]

Getting Self-Defense Evidence Ready For Trial

FIVE GOALS FOR GETTING SELF DEFENSE EVIDENCE READY FOR TRIAL Texas self defense law can be very helpful to the criminal lawyer who […]

Best Dallas Criminal Lawyers

 Magazine announced it’s 2014 list of Best Lawyers In Dallas this past week and I was humbled to once again be included in […]

Self Defense Experts In Trial

Expert witnesses can be extremely valuable witnesses when proving a self-defense case in trial. There 3 types of experts that are typically called […]

Craig Henry: Great Criminal Lawyer

I wanted to send a shout out to Craig Henry who is a great criminal lawyer. Last year I had the privilege of […]

Winning A Texas Self Defense Case: 6 Preparation goals

To win a Texas self defense case the criminal lawyer must extensively prepare by locating witnesses and gathering supporting documents to prove the […]

Winning A Texas Self Defense Case: 6 Goals In Preparation.

In order to win a self defense case the criminal attorney must begin preparing the case at the moment he or she is retained. Gathering the facts […]

What Lawyers Can Learn From Jury Duty

A short time ago I read about  Austin attorney  Gavin Villareal’s recent jury duty experience. There is another interesting article written by Benson Varghese “10 […]

Texas Self-Defense Law: First Aggressor Evidence

The other way to get a victims prior violent acts into evidence is through the First Aggressor theory. This scenario occurs when the […]

Getting The Victims Previous Violent Acts Into Evidence

Under Texas self-defense law the “victim’s” previous violent acts can become admissible at trial under two theories. This type of evidence is extremely […]

Texas Self-Defense Law

Texas self-defense law can be a powerful weapon when defending a client charged with murder or assault. Every society has laws for self-defense. Juries understand […]

Using Self-Defense Facts To Stop Prosecution At The Grand Jury

When a criminal lawyer is able to develop a good self-defense case in a felony assault or murder case he or she should […]

5 Goals In Developing A Self Defense Case

The issue of self-defense often arises when a person is arrested for murder or assault charges. The best criminal attorney’s use self-defense facts […]

Texas Domestic Violence Arrest On The Rise

The Dallas Morning News has a story on the annual Crimes Against Women’s Conference which begins today. Family violence advocates, prosecutors and police […]

4 Fact Scenarios Which Can Limit a Self Defense Claim

A self-defense claim can be a very effective weapon for a criminal lawyer to use against any type of assault or murder charge. […]

Inside View To Jury Selection

Austin attorney Gavin Villareal recently wrote an article in the Texas Lawyer about his experience of going though jury selection in a Travis County […]

Studies On The Effects Of Police Deception In Interrogations

Many people are surprised to learn that our appellate courts have ruled that it is fine for police officers to use deception when they […]

Murder Investigations Always Open

It was recently reported on WFAA that the Dallas Police have reopened their investigation into the 2010 shooting death of Tobias Mackey by […]

ALR-Why is it so important to have a license revocation hearing

I f you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated it is critical that you request a hearing within 15 days for several […]

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Lead To DWI Arrest

Dallas residents were out in force at various St. Patrick day celebrations this weekend. The Dallas police were also out in force for […]

4 Ways To Protect Yourself From A Criminal Accusation

1. Do not consent to an interview with the police. It is a natural instinct to want to cooperate and interview with a […]

Dallas Prositution Cases Big Business

Dallas resident’s may have read in the Dallas Morning News that a recent study shows the Dallas sex trade generates 99 million dollars […]

Learning From Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is known as one of our country’s greatest presidents. Prior to becoming President Lincoln was a very successful trial lawyer and […]

Jail Release:Top 5 Reasons For Lowering Bond

Under Texas law a judge will make the final decision as to whether a defendant’s bond should be lowered. There are many reasons a […]

Spring Break Brings Increased DWI Arrest in Texas.

Spring break is here which means thousands of college students will be headed to Texas beaches to celebrate a week off from school. […]

What To Do When your Client is Charged As An Accomplice

How should a lawyer proceed if the client is charged as an accomplice or party under Texas law? First and foremost the criminal […]

Improper Relationship Between Educator & Student Law Broad in Scope

Texas has seen an increase in arrest for the felony offense of Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student in the past year. The […]

Texas Accomplice Law

Under Texas law, as in most states, a person can be charged with a criminal offense as an accomplice. If a person assist, […]

Texas Law Now Requires Search Warrant for Search of Cell Phone

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has ruled that a person retains a legitimate expectation of privacy in the contents of his cell […]

Serious Bodily Injury Evidence in Texas Aggravatted Assault Cases

Under Texas law the felony offense of aggravated assault may be proven in different ways depending on the facts of each case. When there is […]

Texas Examining Trials

Under Texas law any defendant who is charged with a felony has a right to an examining trial. Texas examining trials allows the […]

Dallas Domestic Violence Charge against Judge Carlos Cortez Demonstrates National Trend

The Dallas domestic violence case involving Judge Carlos Cortez is a good example of the national trend in police investigations in domestic violence […]

Texas Self Defense Laws

Texas self-defense laws are available in many assault cases. A person arrested on assault charges know that there are serious ramifications. Any crime […]

Best Criminal Trial Movie

When the subject of best criminal trial movies is discussed many people select To Kill a Mockingbird. I love that movie but as […]

Texas Man No Billed in Shooting Death of Deputy During Drug Raid

No Bills by a Texas Grand Jury for Murder is rare, but even more rare is a No Bill when the murder involves the […]

Concerns Raised Over Dallas Police Social Media Policy

Dallas police Chief Brown wants his officers to utilize social media more often and encourages officers to issue tweets from crime scenes or […]

Hoffman Drug Death Investigation Leads to Arrest

Last week Dallas residents like everyone else in the country were shocked to learn of the tragic death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman due […]

Blaming Another Suspect Defense Strategy

An article from The Jury Expert Blog discusses the defense strategy of blaming the crime on another suspect. Often times a criminal defense […]

Dallas Murder Cases Featured on First 48

Texas murder cases are easily the most intense investigations conducted by law enforcement. When a citizen has been violently murdered the police assign their […]

The Facts Determined the Josh Brent Case Not the Affluenza Case

The punishment verdict in the Josh Brent Intoxication Manslaughter trial has received a lot of attention in the media. There was public outrage that […]

Cause of Death in Frisco Murder Investigation Unknown

The cause of death is the major question in the investigation of the death of a 10 year old boy in Frisco Texas. […]

Interfering With 911 Calls Leading to More Arrests in Texas

Dallas residents know that there has been a public push to stop domestic violence. In recent years, police officers in Texas have been […]

Texas Lie Detector Test

Texas lie detector test or polygraph examinations as they are officially called, often come up in criminal cases. The police will use polygraphs […]

Great Criminal Lawyer Samuel Leibowitz

I have just finished reading Not Guilty-The Story Of Samuel S. Leibowitz by Fred Pasley. It is a great biography that was written in […]

Texas Murder Conviction Overturned on Appeal

In a rare decision a Texas Murder Conviction was overturned on appeal. The 2nd Court of Appeals reversed the murder conviction of Charles […]

Studies Refute Dallas Police Shooting Policy Changes

Dallas Police Chief Brown recently change police department shooting policies on officer shootings allowing a 72 hour cooling off period before the officer […]

Texas Prosecutor charged with Aggravated Assault

A Texas prosecutor has been charged with the felony offense of Aggravated Assault in Harris County. Prosecutor Susan Sciacca was charged with the […]

Read Mark Bennett’s 16 Rules of Jury Selection and Become a Better Trial Lawyer

For any criminal lawyer who wants to keep improving their jury selection skills I suggest they read and re-read Mark Bennett’s 16 Rules for Better Jury […]

Texas Intoxication Manslaughter Case To Go To Jury

The Dallas Intoxication Manslaughter case of Ex Dallas Cowboy Player Josh Brent is going to go to the jury this Tuesday. Both sides […]

Ex Deputy Sentenced to Maximum in Sexual Assault Charge in Tarrant County

Dallas area residents may have recently read about a former Tarrant County Sherriff’s deputy Jonathan Helm who was convicted of one count sexual assault and […]

Jury Selection Tips From Jerry Giesler

I am always interested in other lawyers’ observations on jury selection. A criminal lawyer can always learn from others. Earlier this week I […]

Jerry Gielsler Great Criminal Lawyer

One of the greatest criminal lawyers of this past century was Jerry Giesler. Gielsler began to practice law in Las Angeles in 1910 under the […]

Should I Talk to the Police Detective?

In Texas almost every criminal investigation the investigating officer will eventually contact the person who is being accused of a crime and ask them to […]

Dallas County Animal Cruelty Case Set For Sentencing

A Dallas Animal Cruelty case was featured in the Dallas Morning News today. The defendant plead guilty as a jury was called up […]

Improper Relationship Between Teacher and Student Cases On the Rise in Texas

2013 showed an increase in the felony charge of Improper Relationship Between Teacher and Student cases in Texas. It seemed like these types of […]

Older Jurors More Likely to Convict

A study of 700 plus felony trials in Florida revealed that older jurors are more likely to convict than younger jurors. Researchers found that when […]

Death Penalty Cases Decrease in Texas

I was recently quoted in the Texas Lawyer Blog regarding the reasons the Death Penalty verdicts have dropped nation wide and in Texas. […]

Jury Selection Theories of Sam Leibowitz

  I often read biographies of famous criminal trial lawyers. They have lead very interesting lives and one can always learn from other […]

David Dewhurst, Affluenza and ‘Apostrophe’ Laws

Eric Nicholson of the Dallas Observer makes a very good point in his recent post regarding Lt. Governors David Dewhurst’s comments expressing outrage […]

Confrontation Clause Still in Effect in Texas

Recently The Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed The Court of Appeals in Burch v. State, 401 S.W.3d 634(Tex. Crim.App.2013) reversed and remanded a […]

The Prosecutor Work Product Exceptions to the Michael Morton Act

Exempted from discovery under the Michael Morton Act is “work product of counsel for the state in the case and their investigators and […]

Anatomy of a Murder Still a Great Book

I just finished reading Anatomy of a Murder and I found it to be one of the most accurate novels about a criminal […]

Michael Morton Act Brings Big Changes in Criminal Discovery

The Michael Morton Act will apply to all criminal cases that are filed as of January 1st, 2014. It represents the first significant […]

Courthouses Closed by Weather

If your case was set on a day where the court was closed due to the recent ice storm; you need to contact […]

Jury Confusion

The great criminal defense blog, Simple Justice, has an excellent post about juries and their ability to follow jury instructions. The case cited occurred in Stamford, […]

Dallas Police Shooting Policy Changes Should be Used During Cross Examinations

Well known criminal justice blogger Grits for Breakfast recently raised a very good point regarding Dallas Police Chief Brown’s policy change allowing a police […]

Blood Tests in DWI Cases

It is becoming more and more popular for police agencies to secure blood tests from people charged with dwi, drunk driving, or dui. […]

Fighting a False Charge of Family Violence

   Unfortunately, you cannot rely on your spouse to do the right thing and try to stop the bogus charges of family violence […]

Jail Calls Used as Evidence for Prosecution

Anyone held in jail for a criminal charge should be aware that every phone call they make from jail is not only recorded […]

Earl Rogers Great Criminal Trial Lawyer

Any good criminal trial lawyer is always searching for ways to improve their trial skills. One way to do that is to study […]

Oswald Trial

WFAA filmed the first trial of Lee Harvey Oswald and aired the edited version in June. The courtroom we used was in the […]

Defending Oswald

This past year I was asked to participate in a mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald by the State Bar of Texas, The […]

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald for the Murder of John F. Kennedy: The Defense Perspective

Following up from my previous post, reproduced below is an opening statement from the Lee Harvey Oswald defense team.  I believe this would […]

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald for the Murder of John F. Kennedy: The Prosecution Perspective

For the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of President Kennedy, my law partner Toby Shook and I were asked to participate in […]

Phone Recordings Often Used as Evidence in Date Rape Investigations

Date Rape refers to a sexual assault case in which the two people have gone out on a date and at some point […]

No Refusal for Holidays

The holiday season is upon us once again which means lots of office parties and celebrations. The holiday season also means that law enforcement […]

Google and Jury Selection

With todays social media more and more lawyers are using the internet to find out information on jurors. Now when a jury panel […]

Text Messages Often Key Evidence in Family Violence Cases

Now that texting has become one of the primary forms of communication in our society it’s not surprising that a person’s text often […]

Former Texas prosecutor gets jail for wrongful conviction Ken Anderson the prosecutor who convicted  an innocent Michael Morton for the murder of his wife agreed to serve 10 days in […]

Jury Deliberations Continue in Dallas Capital Murder Case

The Jury deliberating in the punishment phase of a Capital Murder case in Dallas County was sent to their hotel last night after […]

Dallas County Death Penalty Arguments

Today I was asked by KRLD about the goal in  closing arguments in the penalty phase of a Death Penalty case that is being tried […]

Commentary from experts on Dallas PD shooting of mentally ill man

From the Dallas Morning News — Experts: Charges likely in Dallas officer’s shooting of mentally ill man A Dallas police officer who was […]

What to do if your Client Learns of a Federal Criminal Investigation

You’re at your desk when you receive a panicky phone call from a valued client asking your advice because the client has just […]

The Rise In Healthcare Fraud Investigations Healthcare fraud has been an investigative priority since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act established a National Healthcare Fraud and Abuse […]

Should Teens be Prosecuted for Having Sex?

The purpose of sex offender registration is to keep children are safer from dangerous pedophiles. According to the Center for Missing and Exploited […]

Megan’s Law in Texas: Sex Offender Laws and Registration Requirements

Sex crimes have been increasing in Texas over the last several years. In fact, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, over […]

DUI in Texas: “No-Refusal” Policy Demanded by More Cities and Counties

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that there was at least one fatal car accident every day in 2010, with a total of […]