Frisco Teacher Pleads Guilty to Improper Student Relationship

A Frisco teacher plead guilty to the felony offense of Improper Relationship with Student and received 10 years deferred probation. The teacher , Jason Gonzales, must also serve 60 day sin jail as a condition of probation. In felony cases a defendant can be required to serve up to 180 days in jail as a condition of probation. Prosecutors in the Collin County often require jail time on deferred probation. he logical reason for that¬† isn’t always clear. Gonzales will be allowed to serve his jail time on weekends.

The improper relationship occurred in 2012. Often times the student will reveal this offense one or two years after the relationship has ended. The police will always pursue charges because the accused is a teacher. Despite an aggressive approach to the charges an experienced criminal defense attorney can often pursued prosecutors to offer probation.

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