Can Manziel Win at Trial? Five Ways the Defense Will Attack The Credibility of the Accuser

Johnny Manziel made an appearance in a Dallas courtroom today in order to hear Judge Rob Canas review his bond conditions. Manziel was indicted last week for the misdemeanor charge of assault of his ex-girlfriend.Colleen Crowley.

At the moment it’s hard to say how the case may be resolved but Manziel’s attorney’s have said Manziel will not be pleading guilty to assault charges. All criminal lawyers will first attempt to resolve a case without a trial. If Manziel’s lawyers cannot secure a dismissal from the Dallas District Attorney’s office, then the case will go to trial.

What are Manziel’s chances if he decides to try this case? Pretty good. After a three week investigation, the Dallas Police Department choose not to make an arrest in this case. This is a clear indication there are problems with the case. No doubt the police talked to every witness they could find to try and collaborate Crowley’s story. They retrieved every video that may have captured the event. Had any witness collaborated Crowley’s story they would gave arrested Manziel.

This case will come down to Crowley’s credibility. Crowley has sworn to an affidavit when she filed for a protective order. Here are five methods of attacks the defense may make on Crowely’s credibility.

  1. In that affidavit she admits going to several bars prior to meeting Manziel. Intoxication of a witness is always fertile ground to impeach credibility.
  2. She admits to communicating with Manziel and going to his hotel room with several of her friends. This shows she wasn’t afraid of Manziel and wanted to be with him.
  3. Crowley’s friends left her in Manziel’s room alone. This fact shows Crowley’s friends did not fear for her safety.
  4. Crowley stated that she and Manziel began to argue about a story on the internet, reporting Manziel was dating another woman. This indicates Crowley was jealous and instigated an argument. This hurts her credibility even further and provides motive for her to lie about the altercation. Defense attorney’s love to cross-examine on motive and bias of a witness.
  5. In her affidavit Crowley named the hotel valet as being a critical witness to her version of the events. The police interviewed this witness and choose not to arrest Manziel. This indicates the valet did not collaborate Crowley’s story. If this is true, Crowley’s credibility will be further damaged.

Crowley stated the assault happened in the car in front of no witnesses. The case will come down to her word. If her credibility is badly damaged, then Manziel has a very good chance of receiving a Not Guilty verdict.

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