Dallas Criminal Lawyers Use Grand Jury Packets To Stop Prosecutions

Many times the a Dallas criminal defense attorney can stop a criminal prosecution at the grand jury. Every District Attorney’s Office has different policies, but most prosecutors will allow a criminal attorney to present some type of packet to the grand jury in order to try and obtain a No Bill.

The Dallas County District Attorney’s office is no exception. Prosecutors in that office allow criminal defense attorneys to present grand jury packets. A grand jury packet will usually contain a letter from the criminal attorney that presents the defendant’s version of the facts. The packet may also include photos, affidavits, text and emails. Polygraph reports are also often included. Any information that may pursued the grand jury to issue a No Bill and end the prosecution.

The prosecutors will often welcome a grand jury packet on a case that has problems. If the grand jury No Bills the case then a prosecutor won’t end up with a weak case that she may be forced to take to trial. The Grand Jury process protects the District Attorney’s Office from criticism. Grand Jury deliberations are secret and they alone vote on which cases to indict. If there is an oppotunity for a Dallas Criminal defense Attorney should present a grand jury packet in a felony case, then he should take advantage of the opportunity to properly protect and serve the interests of his client.

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