Dallas Women May Face New Charges After Death Ruled Homicide

Two Dallas women, Denise Ross and Jimmy Clark, who were charged in February with the with Practicing Medicine Without a License could face new charges stemming the death of a woman who received butt injections of silicon from the pair. On Monday the Medical Examiner ruled the woman’s death was a homicide.

If new charges are brought they would most likely be Manslaughter or Negligent Homicide. Manslaughter carries a penalty range of 2-20 years. The criminal intent involved is “reckless”. In such cases prosecutors usually try to put together a circumstantial cases based on medical evidence and expert testimony.

Negligent Homicide is a State Jail Felony charge which carries a penalty range of 180 days to 2 years in a State Jail unit. A defendant may also be eligible for probation if they have never been convicted of a felony.

The chances have the District Attorney going forward with new charges is great. More and more people are paying for medical procedures to improve their physical appearance. Many people have been tempted to pay individuals who don’t have a medical license for these procedures at discounts prices. In order to deter these dangerous practices law enforcement will want to set an example with these cases.

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