Dallas Aggravated Assault Charges Brought Against Doctor

A Dallas Doctor has been indicted on five times for of Aggravated Assault and one indictment for Injury to an Elderly person.  Dr. Christopher Duntsch is being held in the Dallas County jail on $600,000 worth of bonds. The alleged victims in this case involve patients who suffered severe nerve damage, paralysis or death.  Civil suits have already been filed and Dr. Duntsch has lost is license.

This case is far different from most Dallas Aggravated Assault case. the typical assault scenario involves guns, knives or clubs preceded by an argument. These assaults allegedly occurred during operations. The prosecutors will also present evidence of alcohol and drug use. The state will try to prove the assaults were committed by reckless acts. No doubt doctors, nurses and medical experts will be called as witnesses.

It is almost certain this case will be tried to a jury. A doctor with no criminal record will not want to take a prison time plea bargain. The Dallas County District attorney’s Office will be under pressure to put Dr. Duntsch in prison. This case will be closely followed in the media and they have sympathetic victim’s. It will be interesting to see how a jury views this defendant. The medical profession is very respected by the public, however if a jury believes the doctor was criminally reckless and crippled his patients then prison time is a likely outcome. The major hurdle the criminal defense attorney will face in this case is the multiple victims. One case can be defensible but when several victims testify before a jury a successful defense can be very challenging.


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