Dallas Man Arrested Shooting 12 Year Old Boy

Dallas man Aaron Mitchell told a DMN reporter that he wasn’t at the scene of a shooting involving a 12 year old boy and an elderly man. Police reports state that Mitchell was called by a woman to help a friend who had been in a fight. When Mitchell arrived the friend pointed out the two men who had beat him up and Mitchell pulled out a gun a fired five shots. The 12 year old who was just a by stander was hit in his legs and the elderly man was asleep in his home when he was struck by bullets.

Mitchell was arrested after he wrecked his car on the freeway. Several witnesses identified Mitchell at the shooter but Mitchell maintains he was at another location. He has an extensive criminal history. Mitchell faces several felony charges of Aggravated Assault. While suspects interviews with reporters make good reading they rarely help the suspect. A person arrested by the police should first consult with a criminal attorney before speaking to the anyone else.

Texas Aggravated Assault carries a penalty range from 2 to 20 years. If a person has a previous felony conviction the penalty range can ne enhanced to 5 years to a life sentence. With several eye witnesses identifying the defendant it will be critical for the prosecution to actually bring the witnesses to court. The most critical witness will be the defendant’s friend who called him to the scene. If the friend identifies him as being present at the scene it will destroy his alibi defense.


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