Break In Not Necessary For Arrest On Texas Burglary Charges

Texas Burglary charges are extremely serious and can have life long consequences. The individual facts of each case will determine how strong the criminal charges are. An experienced Texas Burglary Attorney will be able to advise you as to what defences you may have to burglary charges and how to proceed through the court system.

One key element to Texas Burglary charges is entry into the building or habitation. Everyone assumes that when a burglary occurs there must be a physical break in. However burglary can be committed by unlawful entry or concealment as well. The key fact is whether the owner has given consent. A person can be charged with burglary of a building if they are lawfully in one part of a business and then go into another part of the business and commit a theft. They do not have to break a lock or door. Just by walking through an open door into an unauthorized area can be enough if there is no consent given by the owner.

A person can also be charged with burglary if they conceal themselves in a building. Again if done without consent there is no need for physical damage. Also a persons intent to commit theft can be inferred from the way they conceal themselves in the building.

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