Dallas Murder Trial to Feature TV Show as Part of Defense

A Dallas Murder trial began Monday involving the beating death of a 72 year old woman. The case was featured in the A&E show First 48 and the criminal defense attorneys plan on using the show as part of their defense strategy. Defense attorneys contend contend the having cameras at the crime scene tempted people to talk to the police so they could be on TV. They feel their client looked different and seemed odd so he stuck out in the neighborhood. Prosecutors argued that their is plenty of physical evidence that links the suspect to the crime.

In recent years we have seen reality TV play a larger role in criminal trials. In todays society citizens seem to enjoy getting on TV. With todays social networks people post videos of incidents they have witnessed. How this particular defense strategy play out remains to be seen. The defense will face an uphill battle over coming jury bias toward the victim in this case. Whenever a helpless victim is murdered juries are very upset and will want to hold someone responsible for the crime.

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