Defending Felony Assault Choking Charges: 4 Things To Do

Texas felony assault choking charges are very serious and steps should be taken to defend against the allegation immediately. These case often become he said she said allegations so the credibility or more accurately the lack of credibility is crucial to a successful defense. Here are 4 steps to immediately take to help defend a felony assault choking case.

1. Record any recantation. Many times the victim will recant the accusation soon after arrest. It is important to record the recantation by one or more means. Most cell phones are capable of recording conversations if properly equipped.

2. Affidavit of non-prosecution. It is important to get the victim to sign a sworn affidavit of non-prosecution. This can later be given to the prosecutor or used in trial.

3. Determine if there are photos of injuries. The key element in a felony assault choking case is choking. Any proof of lack of evidence can help the defense in trial. If there is no bruising in

4. Document inconsistent statements. If the victim has told different versions of the story to other people document what was said and to whom the statements were made. Inconsistent statements can destroy a witnesses credibility.


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