Texas Open Carry Law Bans Guns in 6 Places

The Open Carry law passed in Texas which means in January we will be dealing with new laws regarding a citizens right to carry firearms openly. The new law will lead to some arrest when law enforcement a citizen is in violation of the new law.

One thing is clear under the new law that whether some one has an open carry license or not there are specific places that are banned for open carry and they are:

1. Hospitals


3. Bars

4. Sporting Events

5. Airports.

6. Private Property Owners who provide proper notice for gun free zones.

The first five on the list won’t cause any major changes with law enforcement because those places currently prohibit guns carried by the public. The private property owners will cause the most confusion. The new law is strict as to how the property owner must post the notice to the public. If the notice isn’t post according to the law then a citizen would have a defense to any charges brought against him

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