Texas Prosecutor charged with Aggravated Assault

A Texas prosecutor has been charged with the felony offense of Aggravated Assault in Harris County. Prosecutor Susan Sciacca was charged with the felony after a fellow citizen claimed that Sciacca became enraged at him in a road rage incident and pointed a hand gun at him in a bank parking lot. The incident was captured on the bank security cameras.

Texas aggravated assault charges have a range of punishment from 2 to 20 years. If a person has never been convicted of a felony they are also eligible for probation. The crime of Aggravated Assault can be committed in several ways. There is no requirement that the alleged victim is actually injured. By merely pointed a deadly weapon at someone in a threatening manner a person to be arrested for the offense.

In Texas there are defenses to Aggravated Assault, the most common being self defense. A citizen is allowed to threaten and even use a weapon if they are defending themselves from a threat. The facts of the incident and how they are developed will determine if the defense is successful.

If you find yourself are charged with Aggravated Assault meet with a Texas criminal attorney as soon as possible to discuss the situation in detail. A criminal lawyer can advise you as to all the defenses available and how to proceed in the case.

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