Studies Refute Dallas Police Shooting Policy Changes

Dallas Police Chief Brown recently change police department shooting policies on officer shootings allowing a 72 hour cooling off period before the officer was required to speak to detectives investigating the police shooting. Chief Brown cited studies which showed officers could not accurately recall events because of the stress of the shooting.

According to a Dallas Observer article by Eric Nicholson there are other studies which conclude that the 72 hour cooling off period has the opposite effect and officers can accurately recall events. The article goes on to point out that suspects are not given the opportunity of a 72 hour cooling off period before they are subjected to police interrogation. I pointed this out in an earlier post when Chief Brown made the policy change.

I believe that Dallas criminal lawyers should make an attempt to cross-examine Dallas detectives regarding this issue when it becomes relevant in a criminal case. Even though there are studies refuting  the Dallas policy it will be difficult for Chief Brown to reverse his course. I believe will we will see Dallas criminal lawyers use this issue to their clients advantage in trial in the near future.

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