Dallas Man Arrested for Retaliation Shooting

Dallas police arrested Michael Scott for aggravated assault for shooting another man. Officers believe the motive for the shooting was retaliation. The victim had appeared in the TV show First 48 concerning a Dallas murder. The victim told officers he had been threatened and harassed for the past year.

The Dallas Police Department has a close relationship with First 48 and develops many leads in it’s investigations because witnesses recognize the detectives and are often forth coming. One would think the show would have the opposite effect but officers say otherwise. Humane nature seems to compel individuals to want to appear on TV to get their 15 minutes of fame.

The Dallas District Attorney’ Office will probably be very aggressive in their prosecution of Mr. Scott. The police will want a message sent to the public that if any witness is hurt or threatened in retaliation for cooperating with the police then  the defendant will be put away for many years.

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