Two Suspects Released in Dallas Capital Murder Case

Two men that had been charged by the Dallas Police with Capital Murder have been released because police have determined that one suspect was improperly influenced in picking out the second suspect in a photo line-up. The authorities had already released the other suspect when his alibi had been confirmed by independent witnesses. The detective involved is being investigated and has been transferred out of the homicide unit.

These Dallas Capital Murder charges bring up several interesting points. First the case demonstrates that false confessions do happen. The suspect, Christopher Miller, is mentally challenged. Experts will tell you a mentally challenged person can make a false confession if they are under pressure and are fed information. Experts will also tell you that people of normal intelligence will give false confessions under the right circumstances.

The second major problem with this case is the improper influence in the photo line-up. Miller couldn’t pick the second suspect, Anderson Jones, out of a photo spread. Under DPD policies an investigator who is not involved in the investigation must present the photo spread. In this case Miller, could not identify the second suspect. Apparently after that detective left the room, the lead detective met with Miller and showed him a photo of Anderson and got him to identify him. Then she got a warrant. That is a direct violation of procedures and the law.

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