Should I Talk to the Police Detective?

In Texas almost every criminal investigation the investigating officer will eventually contact the person who is being accused of a crime and ask them to sit down and talk about the case. Sometimes it may only be over the phone. If you find yourself in this situation don’t talk to the police before you speak to a criminal defense attorney. The police do not have your best interest in mind. By the time the police decide to interview the target of their investigation they usually have their mind made up and the objective of the interview is to get the person to make an incriminating statement.

If you find yourself in this situation tell the officer that you would like to cooperate but you must first speak with a criminal attorney before proceeding with any interview. Then do not answer anymore questions. After meeting with a criminal lawyer let the lawyer decide if you should sit down with the police. There are many strategies that can be used in these situations and a Texas criminal lawyer can best advise you how to proceed only after you fully disclose all the facts to him or her.


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