Dallas Car Theft Ring Investigation Brings Numerous Charges

The recent news story of a car theft ring uncovered after a car chase and shooting of a suspect looks to be the tip of the iceberg for numerous criminal charges. The news took great interest in the story when a monster truck was stolen in North Dallas. The owner of the truck was contacted by a man named David Campbell who led him to his truck and was trying to get a $5,000 reward. Events then lead to more stolen trucks, a police chase, an officer struck by a car and a suspect shot . Law enforcement now believes they have uncovered a car theft ring involving several people.

In cases like this the police and the District Attorney’s Office will usually take a very aggressive approach and bring as many criminal charges as possible against as many suspects as they can. The suspects will most likely be charged with Felony Theft, Felony Evading Arrest, Aggravated Assault of a Peace Officer and Engaging in Organized Crime. If any of these charges can be enhanced for punishment purposes with prior convictions the District Attorney will indict with enhancement paragraphs.

It will be important for each defendant to  quickly retain a an experienced Dallas Criminal Attorney. A suspect who may have a lessor role or no role in a crime involving high publicity needs an experience criminal lawyer who can separate them from the other defendant’s and try find any legal defense he or she can to put their client in the best position. Many strategies can be used by an experience criminal attorney and the fact that  a person has been arrested along with many other defendants doesn’t mean they will be automatically convicted and severely sentenced.


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