Dallas DWI Arrests Will Soon Increase

The Dallas Police Department announced it has increased its DWI Task Force to 18 officers. In recent years the task force had been cut to one officer. The scale down of officers on the DWI task force resulted in a sharp decrease in DWI arrests. Since 2009 the number of DWI arrests in Dallas had been cut in half. A limited budget has been blamed for the cuts over the years by Chief David Brown. The decision to increase the unit to 18 was made after news stories criticizing the cuts were aired.

What will this increase in officers specifically targeting DWI’s mean? Obviously there will be an increase in DWI arrests in Dallas county. A dramatic increase. The officers in the DWI unit specifically target certain areas of Dallas that officers believe have a higher risk of¬†citizens who are driving under the influence. For example, the club scene in Dallas, such as Uptown and Greenville Avenue, often see increased DWI patrols.

In reality it’s quite shocking that DPD went this long without receiving criticism. Almost immediately there will be an increase in DWI arrests from the Dallas Police Department. Drunk driving will be a priority again and citizens arrested for this charge should hire experienced criminal attorneys to advise them on how to proceed through the criminal justice system.

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