Dallas Man Found Not Guilty of Theft of Daughter’s Cellphone

A Dallas man was found Not Guilty of committing the offense of theft yesterday in a Dallas Courtroom. Ronald Jackson had discovered his 12 year old daughter was sending inappropriate texts and took her phone from her. The girl’s mother, who is married to a police officer, filed a report with the Grand Prairie Police Department. Mr. Jackson was dragged out of his home after the stepfather requested officers to serve the arrest warrant for theft.

Instead of rejecting this case, the District Attorney’s office accepted it and prosecuted Mr. Jackson. The trial was short: John Cook, an excellent criminal defense attorney, quickly ravaged the prosecution’s witnesses. After the State rested its case, Cook asked for a directed verdict, pointing out to the judge that under the Texas Family code a child doesn’t own her property, the parents do, and therefore the State failed to prove ownership of the phone. The Judge followed the law and directed the jury to find the defendant Not Guilty.

This case is a great example of how bad decisions can harm a citizen and change their life forever. The police should have never arrested Mr. Jackson. This was a parenting issue and no doubt the stepfather’s influence with his fellow officers caused the arrest. This will probably lead to a civil rights suit.

The DA’s office should have rejected or dismissed this case once they fully investigated the matter. It should have never been put on the trial docket. Any jury with common sense would see this case for what it is and find the defendant Not Guilty. Now the DA’s office, the police and the mother of the child are taking a beating in the public backlash.

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