Cause of Death in Frisco Murder Investigation Unknown

The cause of death is the major question in the investigation of the death of a 10 year old boy in Frisco Texas. Frisco police have arrested the boys Mother for murder after they were called to the home by the Father and discovered the body in the bath tub. The Frisco police have stated that the Mother admitted to killing but the family adamantly disputes that.

What makes this case interesting is the cause of death is unknown. The boy was found in a bathtub with what police say is some kind of shroud around the body. There were no obvious signs of trauma and the family has now told the press that the boy suffered from a brain cist since birth and was subject to seizures. Further test to determine cause of death are pending.

The parents are from India and the Father was out of town when the death occurred. Grief and cultural differences might  explain why the Mother did not call the police when her son died. Miscommunication with police officers at the scene could account for the dispute over whether there was an actual confession.

The bond for the murder charge was set at $50,000 which is low for this type of charge particularly in Collin County. No doubt the Collin County District Attorney’s Office will wait for the final results of toxicology test to determine how to proceed.


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