Bandidos Found Not Guilty In Stabbing Case

A former Bandidos Motorcycle Club president was found not guilty by an Abilene jury for the felony offense of Aggravated Assault. Jack Lewis was alleged to have stabbed a Cossack Motorcycle Club member Timothy Satterwhite during a fight in a parking lot outside Logan’s roadhouse.

During the defense portion of the trial, Wesley Mason testified that he is the person who stabbed Satterwhite and did so in self-defense. The prosecution argued that Mason was just following orders from Lewis and taking blame. The jury sided with the defense.

This was a bar fight and bar fights almost always give a criminal defense attorney something to work with. The witnesses are often intoxicated and their stories conflict. The victim is often not a sympathetic character and the evidence will often show they were acting as an aggressor. Self-defense often comes into play, which can open the door to other acts of violence committed by the victim.

Furthermore in this case a co-defendant took complete responsibility for the stabbing. No doubt went over this tactic carefully with his client. He is protected because he is claiming he acted in self-defense.

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