Arrested for DWI in Texas: Three Things You Must Do

Once you get over the shock of being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated, you will need to start preparing for your defense. Here are three things you need to do upon being released from jail.

  1. Start looking for a lawyer. Ask for referrals from friends who have also been arrested. Find out if they have had good or bad experience with an attorney. You can also find criminal attorney’s through internet searches. But like anything else on the internet don’t automatically believe everything you read. If you can, meet with more than one attorney and then make a decision.
  2. Carefully review everything you did the day of your arrest. Your criminal attorney will need to know exactly what you ate that day, how much you drank, where you went, and who you were with.
  3. Make sure you comply with any bond conditions. Often times when a person is released from jail there are special bond conditions put in place. You will need to comply with these conditions. If you fail to do so, a Judge can have a warrant issued for a violation of bond conditions.
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