Jail House Snitches: Five Ways To Destroy Their Credibility

Jail House Snitches are often used as witnesses by the prosecution in criminal trials. These types of witnesses are very dangerous to the defense because they are desperate people who have the motive to lie in order to try and escape pending criminal punishment. When faced with a jail house snitch, a criminal attorney must be prepared to destroy the credibility of the jailhouse snitch.

Here are five ways to prepare for the jail house snitch.

  1. File a Motion. File a motion to require the prosecution to reveal their deal with the snitch. You need a court order in place to put the pressure on the prosecutor to state on the record what kind of deal they have made with the snitch. Gather every piece of information about the snitches pending criminal charges, probation revocations, or possible future charges. Anything that would give the snitch motive to lie.
  2. Prior criminal record. Obtain all past criminal convictions for the snitch. Criminal convictions can be used to impeach a snitches credibility.
  3. Inconsistent statements. Find any inconsistent statements the snitch has made regarding the client. Inconsistent statements can help show the snitch is lying and will change his story to please the prosecutor.
  4. Jail records. Obtain all jail records of the snitch to determine who he talks to and where he is housed. Review the jail disciplinary records of the snitch.
  5. Jail calls. Obtain recordings of the jail house snitches’ calls. Almost all jails record jail calls. A review of these calls may reveal lies the snitch has told and prove the snitch is getting information about the crime from another source.
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