Dallas Aggravated Assault Cases On The Rise: Three Reasons Why

Dallas Aggravated Assault cases are on the rise. The summer seems to bring a higher number of violent crimes and this year is no exception. There are many reasons for the increase in Dallas Aggravated assault cases.

  1. Gang violence remains a problem in Dallas and with one of the most common crimes police file Aggravated Assault. Gang members frequently fight and don’t hesitate to bring out weapons. If a person only threatens another person with a deadly weapon, the police can file a case.
  2. Road Rage Road rage incidents are on the rise and almost always involve an enraged motorist pulling a gun out to threaten some one or a person uses a weapon to defend themselves.
  3. Family Violence. The police and prosecutors make an extra effort to prosecute domestic violence cases. If they find any facts that will allow them to file an aggravated assault charge, law enforcement will do so.
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