False Rape Accusation Demonstrates Need For Quick Response

Rolling Stone Magazine has retracted it’s November story about an alleged gang rape that occurred at a fraternity party at the University of Virginia. As it turns out the story was completely made up and the magazine failed to follow proper procedures to try and verify the facts.

Sexual assault at the college campus is on the rise. This story demonstrates how quickly an accusation is believed. There Is often a rush to judgment in todays climate. If you or someone you know comes under suspicion of sexual assault in this type of situation seek the advice of an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible. Steps must be taken as soon as the accusation is made to protect the accused.

Witnesses must be located, interviewed and statements taken. Photographs and videos, if they exist,  should be collected. All text, twitter, emails, or any other communications should be sought out and preserved. All social media postings of the accuser and other witnesses should be preserved. A good investigator should be hired if there is funds are available and there should be a polygraph examination conducted on behalf of the client.

Swift action must be taken to protect the accused and preserve evidence. In this day age of instant news accusations happen quickly and the defense must react just as quickly.



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