Kevin Spacey Sex Assault Allegations Offer Valuable Lessons Defending Sex Assault Cases

The story of Kevin Spacey’s Sex Assault allegation offers several lessons that can be useful in any case dealing with sexual assault allegations.

  1. Get the Judge to grant a motion to preserve the “victims” digital messages. Exculpatory evidence is often found in the victims cell phone, but often the police don’t collect that evidence. An order by the to preserve these type of text can lead to the recovery of the potential exculpatory evidence.
  2. Listen to your criminal attorney, not your friends. Spacey has retained very experienced attorney’s and they may have a strong defense based on consent. However Spacey released a strange video at the advice of his friend and  manager right before his first court setting which could be use by the prosecution and undermine his lawyers strategy.
  3. Try to limit extraneous offenses. One offense standing alone may not make a strong case. However if there are other allegations from other alleged victims the prosecution will often try to convince a judge to admit those offenses into evidence. In that case the prosecutions case becomes stronger. Spacey’s lawyers will do everything in their power to prevent the admission of other allegations.
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