Dallas Federal Drug Conspiracy Charges Brought Against 16 Men

Federal authorities announced that sixteen people were arrested this past Wednesday on Federal Drug Conspiracy charges involving the distribution of cocaine and crack cocaine. The federal indictments alleged that the group of men from ages 27 to 45 began working together in 2013 to distribute cocaine in the North Texas area. The arrest are part of a joint operation of the FBI, Dallas Sheriffs Office, and the Dallas Police Department.

Federal Drug Conspiracy charges are very serious. Conviction on these particular charges can carry up to 20 years in Federal Prison. Conspiracy investigations often include wire taps, recordings, under cover video and confidential informants. Federal cases are usually made by a co-conspirator who has been arrested on a drug charge and begins to cooperate with law enforcement.

In order the defend a Federal Drug conspiracy charge and defendant must hire an experienced Dallas federal drug attorney as soon as possible. Decisions must be made quickly as to the strength of the prosecutors evidence and the defenses a defendant might have for the charges. Federal prosecutors usually don’t indict unless they have already fully developed their case.

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