Police Arrest Two in Williamson County for Over 90 Pounds of Pot

A Williamson County Sheriffs deputy’s arrested Jose Olguin and Madelena Flores for felony offenses of possession of 91 pounds of marijuana and possession […]

Traffic Stop Leads to Drug Arrest

Police arrested a man in Ft. Bend County for felony possession of marijuana after he was pulled over for a traffic stop. Sheriff Deputies […]

Dallas Federal Drug Conspiracy Charges Brought Against 16 Men

Federal authorities announced that sixteen people were arrested this past Wednesday on Federal Drug Conspiracy charges involving the distribution of cocaine and crack […]

Ft Worth Man Arrested on Drug Charges After 2 Hour Car Chase

A Ft. Worth man, Joe Ben Gonzales, was arrested by police after he led them on a two hour pursuit from Ft. Worth […]

Dallas Man Arrested on Drug Charges Stemming From Traffic Stop

A Dallas man was arrested on numerous drugs and weapons charges this past Tuesday after Dallas Police officers stopped his vehicle and preformed […]

Dallas Drug Free Zone Designations Pose Problems

Drug Free Zones can be critical in Texas drug cases. These are called DFZ by law enforcement and prosecutors.The prosecution uses the finding of […]

Hoffman Drug Death Investigation Leads to Arrest

Last week Dallas residents like everyone else in the country were shocked to learn of the tragic death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman due […]