Getting Jurors To Give Honest Answers in Texas Criminal Trials: 6 Steps

To conduct a successful jury selection in a Texas criminal trial the criminal attorney must make the jurors feel that they can give him honest answers and admit a bias that could effect them if they were seated on this particular case. Here are 6 steps to take to help jurors open up during the jury selection process.

1. Tell Jurors up front that jury selection is the most important part of a trial

2. Tell Jurors you can’t do your job with out jurors being completely open and honest with their answers.

3. Tell Jurors that we all come from different life experiences which will always have an effect on us and our decision making process.

4. Tell Jurors the reason we call so many jurors into the courtroom is that we know that there are many juror who would not be a good fit for this case because of some past experience.

5. Assure jurors that they would be a great fit on some other type of case and that jury selection is not a test of good citizenship.

6. Give an example of how a juror may be bad fit for a certain kind of case but great for another case.


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