Solicitation of Prostitution Charges Against Former SMU Law Dean

The Dallas Morning news recently published a story of the former SMU Law School Dean arrested for Solicitation of Prostitution. According to the story John Attanasio was arrested by DPS after responding to an online prostitution add and went to a Frisco hotel and spoke to an undercover officer and agree to pay for sex acts. The arrest was part of a sting operation involving several law enforcement agencies.

Texas Solicitation of Prostitution is Class B misdemeanour which carries up to 180 days in jail. If an individual has previous conviction for Solicitation of Prostitution then the penalty range can be enhanced to a Class A misdemeanour. If the accused has three or more times then the charges can be enhanced up to a State Jail felony.

Law enforcement often uses social media to bring these types of charges. Under cover officers will use fake web sites to solicit prostitution and will communicate through emails, text, and phone calls. They often record the phone calls and any conversations regarding the transaction. These recordings are one party consent and legal and admissible as evidence in a criminal trial.

Law enforcement often launches these types of investigations in response to complaints from citizen complaints. The arrest are often publicised, as in this case, which can be highly embarrassing and cost a person their job.

An arrest for Texas Solicitation of Prostitution does not automatically mean you will be convicted. There are legal defences available. There are different ways a case can be disposed of. It is important to avoid a conviction for this charge. Contact an experienced Dallas prostitution attorney if you have been charged with Solicitation of Prostitution. An experience criminal lawyer can advise you how to proceed through the criminal justice system.


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