Four Goals For Cross-Examination

Cross-examination is the most important tool a criminal attorney has in his arsenal. When preparing for trial an experienced criminal attorney should keep certain objectives in mind when preparing for cross-examination. Here are four objectives to use for cross-examination.

1. Only cross-examine on points that will truly impact important elements of your case. Lawyers who cross-examine on every little point bore juries and weaken the import points you can make on cross

2. Do not attack every adverse witness as a liar. Juries will not believe every witness is lying and you will lose credibility.

3. Make your point with the witness on cross and move on. If you belabour the point the witness will eventually come up with explanations which will weaken the points you originally scored.

4. Stay within your case theme during cross-examination. Don’t ask questions just to ask questions. Don’t get side-lined by irrelevant facts which will not matter to the ultimate questions the jury will answer.

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