Jail Release:Top 5 Reasons For Lowering Bond

Under Texas law a judge will make the final decision as to whether a defendant’s bond should be lowered. There are many reasons a judge will consider before making a decision to lower a defendant’s bond, but the five most important reasons the judge will consider are as follows:

1. The defendant’s strong ties to the community. Evidence that the defendant has resided in the community for a long time is very favorable. Evidence that the defendant has many family members such as parents, children also weighs in the defendant’s favor.

2. The defendant’s lack of criminal record. If the defendant does have a criminal record then evidence of successful completion of probation can be favorable.

3. The defendant’s employment in the community. A defendant with a job, especially if he has been employed there for a long time, is very favorable evidence.

4. Evidence of the nonviolent nature of the crime charged. If the charge is a crime of violence judges are much more reluctant to lower a bond.

5. The length of possible punishment. The shorter the possible sentence the less likely it is that a defendant would flee the jurisdiction.

If you have been arrested and placed in jail on a criminal charge talk with experienced criminal lawyers as soon as possible who can advise you of your rights and how to gain release from custody as soon as possible.


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