Arlington Man Arrested in Two Aggravated Assault Charges

The Arlington Police have arrested Marvin Rodriguez and charged with Aggravated Assault Threatening with a Deadly Weapon and Aggravated Assault causing Serious Bodily Injury. The incident occurred after the Cowboy game in the parking lot of the stadium. Police say that Mr Rodriguez was involved in two fights before he shot another man in the neck.

Texas Aggravated Assault is a second degree felony which carries a penalty range from 2 to 20 years in prison. A person can also receive probation for this type of charge if they have never been convicted of a felony. Aggravated Assault can be charged by alleging the defendant threatened another with a deadly weapon or by alleging the defendant caused the victim serious bodily injury. In this case the police allege Martinez committed both versions of the offense.

No doubt alcohol played role in these offenses. It isn’t unusual for these types of assaults to occur in bars are in parking lots when there has been heavy drinking. There is a good chance the police located many witnesses since this happened after the football game. The authorities have asked the public to provide them with any cell phone video that might have captured the event. Cell phone technology has greatly increased the availability of actual recordings of crimes.

Self-defense may play a  role in this case but since it appears there were two different fights involved that were separate incidents then that probably won’t be a viable defense. The criminal attorney’s involved may have to concentrate their defense in the area of punishment and try to mitigate the offense.

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