Robert Durst Arrest On Murder Charges Teaches 3 Lessons

The arrest of Robert Durst for a cold case murder in California reminds us of three valuable lessons.

1. Murder cases are always open. Like all other states there is no statute of limitations for the charge of murder in Texas.  If you are a suspect in an unsolved murder case you will always be under suspicion and should protect your self even it has been years since the police have tried to interview you. The police rarely forget about an unsolved murder. The victims  family members and friends will often follow up with the police asking them to continue to investigate. Cold case squads have been formed in many police departments which are dedicated to solving cold case murders. The media loves when the police make an arrest for an old murder case.

2. Don’t talk about the case. No matter how old the case is a person under suspicion should never talk to anyone about the case. Especially the media. A citizen best protects himself by simply keeping his or her mouth shut.

3. Follow your attorney’s advice. Almost all experienced criminal lawyers will advise the client never to talk to the police about a cold case. It has been reported and I am sure it’s true that Robert Durst lawyers advised him not to talk to the film crew about the murders he is suspected of killing. He ignored their advise and is not charged. Durst may very well beat these charges. It certainly appears his lawyers will have much to work with but if he had listened to them to begin with he would never be in this position.


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