Getting Hired as A Criminal Attorney: The 3 A’s

I was talking an old veteran criminal attorney the other day about what were the most important factors a person considers when they are trying to decide who to hire as their criminal attorney. The wise veteran told me that in his long years of experience it usually came down to the 3 A’s.

1. Availability. When people are in trouble with the law they want help fast. They want to talk to a criminal layer who can listen to their problem and advise them on the best course of action. They want answers and a game plan. This means that they want to hire a criminal lawyer as soon as possible so if the sooner the criminal lawyer meets with the client the greater the chance they lawyer will get hired.

2. Affability. If the client likes the lawyer. If he communicates well with them and make them comfortable then the chance of getting hired increase further.

3. Ability. The last of the 3 A’s is the criminal lawyers actual ability. The lesson the veteran told me he learned long ago was return that call for help as soon as possible and meet with the client. If you get a meeting soon then your chances of getting retained increase dramatically.

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