Texas Investigates Teacher Misconduct and Improper Relationship Cases

Texas lawmakers will be addressing the issue of the rise of Improper Relationship cases between teachers and students in Texas. There has been a 53% increase in investigations of student-teacher relationship cases in Texas over the past seven years. Last year, there were 188 cases investigated across the state. Lawmakers will consider better ways to train, educate and investigate these types of cases.

The number of Improper Relationship cases will continue to rise. This cases are often discovered when a parent stumbles upon a text or some other form of social media that shows improper conversations between a teacher and student. The student usually quickly confesses, and when reported to the authorities there is additional damming evidence found on phones or computers.

Teachers are often first investigated by the school district. They are often asked to speak to a school investigator or administrator. The teacher often does this without first consulting with a criminal attorney.

This is a very bad mistake. Any time a teacher comes under investigation of an improper relationship with a student they should immediately speak to an experienced criminal attorney to best protect themselves.

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