Dallas Teacher Accused Of Sexual Assault of Students

Dallas residents may have recently read of the arrest of a retired teacher for the felony offenses of Sexual Assault of a Child and Indecency with a Child. The assaults allegedly occurred at the St Anthony School in Carrolton and involve boys between the ages of 14 to 16. The alleged victims are children with learning disabilities. Records indicate the teacher accused received deferred probation for indecent exposure in 1981.

Sexual assault charges involving children are by far the most serious a person can face. Emotions run very high when children are involved and there is great bias against a person accused of such crimes. No doubt in this case the police will investigate to determine if there are additional victims. Prosecutors will be very aggressive with this case and any plea offer will be a very high amount of prison time. Recent changes in the penal code allows prosecutors to put on any extraneous offense involving sexual assault of a child so in this case the jury will likely hear testimony regarding all of the assaults.

Any person charged with sexual assault charges involving children should meet with an experienced criminal attorney who can investigate the case and determine the best course of action. TheseĀ cases can often only be resolved with a trial so the criminal lawyer involved should have extensive trial experience.


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