Cullen Davis Murder Trial Teaches Lessons

Cullen Davis gave an interview to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently. This was one of the most infamous murder trials in Texas history and a criminal attorney can learn from studying this case. What first seemed to be a strong case for the prosecution turned into a sensational Not Guilty verdict.

How was the defense able to win? Trial preparation. Every witness was investigated. Each witness was skillfully cross-examined. They produced other suspects with motives and demonstrated a rush to judgment.

The prosecution’s primary witness was Pricilla Davis, the defendant’s estranged wife. The defense destroyed her on the witness stand by catching her in numerous lies. Once a witness is caught lying, even on small matters, the jury won’t believe anything they say after that, and the chances of acquittal are greatly increased.

Davis had the advantage of having lots of money to finance his defense, but the techniques used by his attorneys can be used in any trial. There have several good books and articles written about this trial and every criminal lawyer should take the time to read one and learn valuable lessons.

Blood Will Tell – The Murder Trials of Cullen Davis (Gary Cartwright)

Texas vs. Davis: The Only Complete Account of the Bizarre Thomas Cullen Davis Murder Case (Mike Cochran)

How Cullen Davis Beat the Rap (Texas Monthly)

Is Priscilla Davis’ Story True? (D Magazine)

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