Four things to do if there is a warrant for your arrest

You just learned a warrant has been issued for your arrest. Now what do you do?

Here are four things you should do when you learn their is a warrant for your arrest.

  1. warrTalk to an experienced criminal lawyer. You would be surprised to learn how many people don’t bother to talk to a criminal attorney before they turn themselves in on an arrest warrant. You need to contact an attorney and have a confidential discussion with him regarding all the facts of your case.
  2. Prepare to make a bond. Don’t wait until you are in jail. Through a lawyer try to determine how much the bond may be for the charge and make arrangements to pay that bond. Criminal cases are much easier to fight if you are on bond and not in jail.
  3. Do not talk to the police in any way when you turn yourself in. Only communicate through your criminal lawyer.
  4. Do not talk about the facts of your case to anyone except your attorney. Don’t send text, emails or any other messages via social media. Do not talk about the facts of your case to inmates in jail or over the phone. Jails calls are recorded.
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