Texas Burglary Crimes: 3 Ways To Charge

Texas burglary crimes are extremely serious. If a house or building is involved then the penalty range can extend up to life in prison in some circumstances. Texas Burglary laws cover three different scenarios that the crime can be committed.

1. Entering a habitation, building, or any part of a building with out the consent of the owner with the intent to commit theft, a felony, or assault.

2.  Remaining concealed in a habitation of a building with out the owners consent with the intent to commit theft, a felony, or assault.

3.  Entering a habitation or building and committing a theft, felony or assault.

If you are arrested on Texas burglary charges you need to consult with a Texas Burglary Attorney as soon as possible. There are many defences to Texas Burglary charges. An experienced Texas Burglary Attorney can advise you on the strength of your case and how to proceed through the criminal justice system.

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