Dallas Police Shooting Policy Changes Should be Used During Cross Examinations

Well known criminal justice blogger Grits for Breakfast recently raised a very good point regarding Dallas Police Chief Brown’s policy change allowing a police officer who has fired his weapon to wait 72 hours before being required to speak to investigators. Brown cited memory experts who believe that an officer needs a 72 hour break after undergoing a traumatic event before they can fully recover their memory. Experts say that the brain cannot accurately recall the events right after the traumatic episode.

I believe experts are correct but as Grits points out, why don’t we extend this same policy to suspects in shootings? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Police detectives often get very damaging statements from suspects shortly after the incident. At trial if the defendant’s story changes the prosecutor quickly argues to the jury that the defendant has changed his story and is lying. After this change in policy the best Dallas criminal defense attorney’s will try to use this policy in their cross-examinations of Dallas Detectives. The new policy also allows the police officer the privilege of reviewing any video tapes of the incident. Dallas Criminal lawyers should also use this fact during cross-examinations.

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