Garland Hit and Run Case Investigated

Garland Police are investigating hit and run accident that resulted in the death of a 51 year old man. Gary Nawrocki was walking in the road when he was struck by a car that fled the scene.

In Texas a hit and run that results in the death is a second degree felony. The penalty range is 2 to 20 years and a defendant is also eligible for probation if they have never before been convicted of a felony.

When investigating hit and run cases the police will try and locate any video from cameras in the area. They can often identify the car but not the driver. If they can identify a car law enforcement can then developed a suspect. The next step is to try and get some type of admission from the suspect so the driver can be identified. If the driver can’t get an admission or locate another witness who can place a suspect behind the wheel then they will have difficulty proving a case.

If a citizen becomes a suspect in a hit and run they should seek the advice of an experience criminal defense attorney. You should never talk to the police without first hiring a criminal attorney. There are legal defences available  for this criminal offense that a criminal attorney can identify.

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