Dallas Domestic Violence Charges Brought Against Officer

Dallas residents may have seen this recent story in the Dallas Observer regarding a Dallas Police Officer arrested for Felony Domestic Violence charges. Dallas Police Officer Julian Harris was arrested last week for Aggravated Assault. The arrest occurred after Harris’s girlfriend had been hospitalized for serious injuries.

Dallas Domestic Violence cases are very serious and can life changing consequences. Domestic violence cases have received a great deal of publicity in the local media. There has been an outcry for more prosecution of these types of cases and as a result the police and District Attorney’s Office has put a high priority on the prosecution of these types of cases.

The cases can be filed as misdemeanour or felony’s depending on the type of injuries received or whether the victim was threatened with a deadly weapon. The Dallas District Attorney’s Office has a Family Violence Section dedicated to the prosecution of these types of cases. When a case is filed with the DA’s office a Domestic Violence Advocate will contact the victim and verify the police report and ask for additional details and explain the process. The advocates always explain to the alleged victim that it is up to the prosecutors to determine if a domestic violence case will be dismissed.

Just because you are charged with Domestic violence does not mean you will be convicted. There are many ways to defend a domestic violence charge. An experience Dallas Domestic Violence attorney will be able to explain all your rights and possible defences to the charges. There several ways a Dallas Domestic Violence Attorney can negotiate a dismissal depending on the facts.

If you find your self facing a Domestic violence accusation contact a Dallas domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible.

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